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Dark Souls 3 - Lothric Castle

Process -
GAL - Lothriccastle

It's been awhile since I've finished up any large fanart huh?  I kept getting distracted during the entire drawing and animation.  I had maybe an hour or two per week to work on it.  The holidays were really the only time I had to fully work on it hah.
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Not often do I have to sit down and take a long look at an image. This is really well made!

This is such art it captures the sorrow in the grand finalé.

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best thing in the world
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More than two years already and this piece still moves my heart. Godspeed Zedotagger!
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Wow! Amazing colors, shading and scene!
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This is fucking amazing
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God dammit, this looks gorgeous!
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Could you make the Abyss Watchers? It would be my dream to see this in pixelart
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spectacular work, just small touches bringing out so much more
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Recently got this game, they weren't kidding when they said it was hard! Love dis fan art :D
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Simply awesome =)
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Amazing , what program do you use to draw and animate it ?
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I use GraphicsGale.
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You use Mouse , or a graphic tablet ? 
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Mouse, you need precision for the pixel art.  Tablet is good for the beginning, but not detailing.
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Astonishing & gorgeous!
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I feel bad for the knights of Lothric. 
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So dark but so great!
This... is BAD ASS :D Very nice job!!!
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How did I miss this! So good!
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I do wonder how this would look in a movie? Like a short one, which works like a comic, which is to say a frame every few seconds or so.
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The standard for animations is 24fps, then halves are used for holding a frame for parts of an animation 2s (12fps) or 3s (8fps).  This gif is 10fps, and only 4.6 seconds long.  Just to give a sort of reference.

It would look cool for the novelty sure, but how many hours would have to be put into this?  There's just too much detail work you'd need to do.  I'd rather leave movies to traditional 2d animators even short ones honestly.
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