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Batch of Mini Monster Hunter Stuff

Did this as practice for my next small mobile project.  Figured since I was hyped for MH, might as well do more fanart while I was at it.  The preview is 1x, while the zoomed in is 4x. 
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Hi, i saw these monsters and thought they were really cute, i made the brachydios from those little ironing beads, and was wondering if i could post a video of it online
Of course i'll credit you
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A cute take on some of the most feared monsters. I love it!
Hi! I'm doing a Android game, and i want to know if i can buy it or use it for my android game?
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Ask Capcom. They're all from Monster Hunter.
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I dont know if your selling these or their free to use, but I can offer 5 points for little red-tipped blackie ^^ 

if you could, can you make a refined version of him? Thanks!
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Soo adoreabely animated. =D
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I made a ludroth! :D link
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Maybe one pixel transition instead of two is better...
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I love these, I would love to see a royal ludroth too. :D
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I've been years looking for Teostra's pixel art *^*

My hero ;-;
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Nice work on these!
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now i wanna play MonHun again xD

btw that deviljoe looks so cute <3
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I love this you are gr8
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Let's see.

We got a Rajang in his Super Saiyan form, a Rathian, a Gore Magala, a Tigrex, a cute Puppy Wyvern (I love Zinogre... BUT I HATE HIS COMBOS IN G RANK, ESPECIALLY THE APEX AND STYGIAN!), Good Ol' Mister Supernova, Nargacuga, Mister Jho, a Rathalos, a Brachy and a cute Chameleos!
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These are awesome bud. Movements are good and the sprites are detailed yet simplistic at the same time. :)  I just wanted to let you know, I will be using a few of these in an upcoming deviation and I promise I will give you credit (And I hope its okay with you [I did edit them a bit however]).  Anyway keep up the awesome work, your Gore Magala, Brachydos, and Zinorge are insanely detailed and impressive to say the very least. :thumbsup:

Btw, have you thought about putting your art in groups like Monster-Hunter-CafeWeAreMonsterHunter, or Monster-Hunter-Alpha? I deeply advise it. People would probably drool over most of your badass MH pixel art and your art will get the attention it deserves from MH fans. ;) Have an awesome day
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Thanks for the compliments!  As for submitting my art to groups, I don't go out of my way since I feel kind of awkward since usually those contain some really well drawn nonpixel works.  So, I wasn't sure if I should bother honestly.
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No problem. As for groups, well….those are the ones i submit to and my work doesn't even come close to yours :XD: If it feels awkward you can always put your work in the file marked "other" located in the group =P (I myself use the crossover file because mine are generally mh/pkm related) Pretty sure they'd accepted your work in a heart beat and the fact that its pixel well probably make it all the more impressive. But again, the choice is yours. Just some food for thought thats all. ;P Keep up the awesome work!
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Looks good for an app, ever thought of combining these pixies with an android MH4 App?
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I'd have to make sprites of the rest of the monsters, but I wouldn't mind making them if someone really wanted to use them for something.
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