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Gift to Mirz123

`Mirz123 was sounding a bit sad, so I offered her a little gift to cheer her up :hug:

She wanted a sparkly emote of her OC, Minnie.

:iconyaayplz: I hope she likes it

Minnie (c) to `Mirz123
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Is that a sparkling monkey? xD Hihi!
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yup ^^ her OC is a little monkey ;]
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Cute!! :iconeyes-plz:
I see she also make awesome emotion icons too!! :dummy:
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indeed, she's the queen of emoticons ^^ so I'm kinda flattered she wanted an emoticon from me :)
little-angel-girl80's avatar
That`s pretty awesome indeed! :D :w00t:
I think your a queen of making awesome emotions too! I really love all those you made for me!!!! :hug:
To bad i can not use them in real life,lmao. xD
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lol aye, perhaps you can glomp Amzir in the next life? ;]

thanks for the kind words hun :iconunicornglompplz:

Lol, when I made this my bf was quite confused of why I was making an emote. He dislikes them and sees them as a waste of time since they can't improve my technique XD, ah guys...
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Hihi! Yeah! But i do in this life too! xD And him me! :blush:
Sometimes i even wake up that hes spirit stare at me over me or beside me! x//D
Hmm,I don`t mind though! ;P :love:

But what i ment is that is bad i can not use this emotions in real,outside DA! x)
Not sure how it would work though! :giggle:

Lol, yeah guys!! They don`t understand this funny,awesome emotions, do they? xD
But im sure Amzir would loved this: :iconilliamzirglompplz:
I wonder if he would use it lot if he was on DA too!!! :love:
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aha, using it in chats? I don't know that either, and right now I don't have the time to find out. But try finding tutorials about how to apply chat emotes to certain chats you use, you might find out about it ^^

And it's cute that he wakes you up :love: there's something nice in a guys gaze ;] :blushes:

Lol no, guys don't understand feelings...I'm not sure if they're even born with them XD

And yes, I'm sure too that Amzir would love it, and perhaps some cuddles too eh? ;] Knowing his personality (well at least a little) he'd smile every time if he used it here on dA
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