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My brushes

here you are, have fun, paint well, be original.
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it is seen nice, thanks!

thankyou! huge help

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it doesn't work for me:(( the file won't dwnload. any tips?

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how can i download these? when i click on download it 404's

edit: nvm, worked!
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WHoa these are great! Thanks so so much, very generous of you to share. 
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I'm sorry, is the Everything Else brush supposed to be flat? It looks different to the one in your pic here which is round. And when I drag my pen very slowly it only makes a mark after a few seconds.
Very excited to use this~
link doesnt work anymore?
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Thanks! Found you from - looks like some awesome brushes, will use :)
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This is amazing, thank you so much!
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Are these free to use in commercial use projects? (I am a fine artist that makes prints.)
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you are the bet for share,check what your incredible brush can do for anyone
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I love the way you show off your brush packs.  Thanks for putting them out here for us.  
Thanks, you´re awesome for sharing your brushes, live streams, gifs, time and everything else C: by the way, i love your character design and visual style!
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AWESOME! thanks for sharing!
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Great brushes, thanks!
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Thank's a lot ;)!
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This is going to be very useful! Thank you for letting us use these brushes.
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