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Kid Tarzan

By Zedig
It started as a demon head, but ended as kid Tarzan.
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hey i know you probably wont reply.. but incase you do, how long does something like this take to do?
dimifrost's avatar
aww man this is so amazing, its like a dream i had now come true. im really a huge fan of yours now!
Archon89's avatar
That's so cool!!!! :lol:
dont you love it when it starts out as something completely different lol... amazing view
sketcheth's avatar
Woooooow man, I love striped colors you have going on in there. GOT to get me some of that action in my digital paint. :) Kudos.
Mourphine's avatar
this is incredible
the angle literally feels like i'm about to fall off
Kerunou's avatar
Your work never really ceases to amaze me, this piece didn't even turn out the way you expected/want, but it still wound up flooring me lol. Also, the diversity of subjects/genres you cover is also commendable. That's the thing about your work, you have a style and an execution about your art that doesn't limit you to any specific topic or styling. You could make a DBZ piece and it'd turn out awesome and unique, then you could turn around and make a non-universe specific sci-fi piece and it would blow me away, you could make a piece regarding anything you can think of and it wouldn't be a huge surprise to me because you're just that capable. Your spectrum of what you're capable of doing is extraordinarily vast. That's why I wasn't surprised when I read "Kid Tarzan" and saw your name underneath it, you're a wild card my friend, who knows what you're gonna do next?

In short, great work and I can't wait to see what you have in store next. :)
LAP-Illustrations's avatar
Man.....I love the edge lighting, really hits it off. The values are freakin' me out, too. I love how small kid Tarzan looks compared to the branch....but he still seems at home. Great work, dude.
Autobiotic's avatar
That's some serious depth, nice.
aPops's avatar
Ah memories.. ^^
taiisa's avatar
Amazing paintig!
JohntheMurray's avatar
haha, this is awesome!
gph-artist's avatar
Fabulous. The whole image works. It's a winner.
benkate's avatar
Excellent! Je suis en train de chercher le démon dans l'arbre....
subway-cat's avatar
ahhh duuude, yesss
julianojhr's avatar
Greipur's avatar
Fantastic lighting!
tomvanrheenen's avatar
Awesome perspective! Nice lighting on the branch as well.
arthurange's avatar
wow, Alexandre.. just wow!
bib0un's avatar
trop classe
si t'avais juste détaillé légèrement le petit tarzan ca aurait tout dégommé !!!!
JoshuaNel's avatar
I'm blown away every time man, you have awesome skills.
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