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Untitled by BLUE-eternal-laser Untitled :iconblue-eternal-laser:BLUE-eternal-laser 5 5 Batman by ZeenChin Batman :iconzeenchin:ZeenChin 334 28 FF7 TIFA by adrianmeribault FF7 TIFA :iconadrianmeribault:adrianmeribault 52 3 Hulk vs Thor by KangJason Hulk vs Thor :iconkangjason:KangJason 487 16 Coral by rossdraws Coral :iconrossdraws:rossdraws 7,990 102 [Commission/Gift] Lili by KuletXCore [Commission/Gift] Lili :iconkuletxcore:KuletXCore 9 2 Elsa Bloodstone by pychopat2 Elsa Bloodstone :iconpychopat2:pychopat2 11 1
Franchise Mix: Valkyria Wars
25 years ago the Europa continent was set ablaze by civil war. The Old Republic torn in two by the Separatist Federation whose industrialist founders led by Count Dooku used terrible war machines powered by Ragnite in an effort to destroy the old Democracy.
With the help of the Order of Jedi Knights a group that had stood valiantly in defence of the innocent since before the time of Valkyria their connection to the mystic powers of the Force helped turn the tide in the Republic's defence. But they where all of them deceived by the Sith. Ancient enemy of the Jedi. 
They had used both sides to weaken the Jedi's number rendering them near extinct by the time the Republic was victorious. Thus the Order was powerless when the newly reunited continent was renamed the Europa Empire, promises of Sovereignty to nations such as Gallia forgotten by the newly crowned Emperor. The Jedi tried to rebuild their number in hopes of fighting this tyranny but they where betrayed by one of there own,
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Outsider's Mark by KatNap8181 Outsider's Mark :iconkatnap8181:KatNap8181 14 3 J is for Journey by JessiBeans J is for Journey :iconjessibeans:JessiBeans 599 14 RAVANA!! #2 by NeoArtCorE RAVANA!! #2 :iconneoartcore:NeoArtCorE 1,607 48 Banjo Kazooie Tribute by bigmac996 Banjo Kazooie Tribute :iconbigmac996:bigmac996 890 58 144/365 Volleyball by snatti89 144/365 Volleyball :iconsnatti89:snatti89 471 15 287/365 BB-8 by snatti89 287/365 BB-8 :iconsnatti89:snatti89 732 16 305/365 Cat of the canals by snatti89 305/365 Cat of the canals :iconsnatti89:snatti89 924 20 196/365 on the run by snatti89 196/365 on the run :iconsnatti89:snatti89 508 13


So, hey! Check it out - I'm totally on Patreon now:

I have a BIG list of BIG ideas that’s growing faster than my work-speed. But, instead of sacrificing any idea, I’ve launched a Patreon account! That way, if you want to, you can help me bring all my projects to life. You’ll still get to see all my finished art, then as a bonus, Patreon supporters will get exclusive access to:

• Work-in-progress art
• Download links to original, full-sized, layered Photoshop documents

As a free sample, I’ve uploaded the original PSD of Kill la Kill + Legend of Korra with a full written walkthrough. You can download it here:
FSRX Kill la Kill + Legend of Korra: PSD download by ZedEdge

Thank you all so much for continuing to enjoy and support my creations. Knowing that you like it is what inspires me to make it.




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Burke23 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2018
Yo. I sent a note about the thing, but right now I want to talk about a challenge, if you're interested.
ZedEdge Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2018  Professional General Artist
Probably won't have time for it, but I'm much interested to hear what it is. Responded to the note. :thumbsup:
Burke23 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2018
Random Crossover/Amalgam/Style Mash-Up Ideas
The challenge is to pick 2 sources from the list provided and do crossover art, amalgam art, or Style Mash-Up art.
(Note: you don’t have to pick an exact match from the list, you can match two random ones too.)
This is not a request, but a challenge of skill. You can still not do it though.
KaeMcSpadden Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2018  Student Filmographer
Hey Zak!

When I made the RWBY Dishonored picture for your contest a year ago, I was also considering a RWBY + Kingdom Hearts picture. I was wondering if it would be cool with you if I made my own remix picture of the RWBY girls in the world of Kingdom Hearts? Draw Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang as keyblade wielders.
ZedEdge Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2018  Professional General Artist
Hey hey - that sounds awesome! With all their right colors and specialized weapons, RWBY would make great keyblade wielders. I'm totally okay with it - remix to your (kingdom) hearts content! :D
KaeMcSpadden Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2018  Student Filmographer

RWBY Kingdom Hearts by KaeMcSpadden
ZedEdge Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2018  Professional General Artist
Starstruck / Starry Eyed 
CR-tist Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2018
ZedEdge Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2018  Professional General Artist
WHOA WHOA WHOA! Thank you! Super did not see that coming. That's completely awesome.
CR-tist Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2018
Two questions my friend:
One, do you take commissions, and if so, could i commission a franchise remix?
Two, do you know the games Darksiders and Prototype?
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