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You know what’s cool? Cool stuff.
You know what else is cool? Doing cool things.
What if one could do cool things with cool stuff? (GENIUS)

Welcome to an activity in which you basically tell me what to draw. The focus being: crossovers between any two franchises.  

I will have 2 polls running, each with 10 different franchises – one determines the subject and the other determines the theme. Every second week, I’ll take the highest voted franchises from each list and combine them with an illustration into a Frankenstein’s monster of franchises – the “Franchistein”, if you will.

Additionally, there will be 2 similar polls formed with any and all suggestions you make. These determine which franchises will appear in the top 10 lists. 

I created a few examples, to give you an idea of the remixes:


Legend of Zelda + Tron

Zelda + Tron (FSRX) by ZedEdge

Alice in Wonderland + Kill la Kill
Wonderland + Kill la Kill (FSRX) by ZedEdge

Dragon Ball + Metal Gear Solid

Dragon Ball + Metal Gear (FSRX) by ZedEdge

After each round, there will be a new remix posted and an updated set of lists.

Remember that the franchises can be anything - games, movies, books, podcast shows, comics, and such.

So, hit me with those suggestions!

Voting now open! Click here to cast your vote for the next round.

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Just a question : Do you mind obscure things like belgian comics (I'm french. I think the most known in the world must be Tintin, since Spielberg adapted it in 2010. And, I should also say Astérix, but, it's well selled mostly in France, and the humor is full of reference to french laws or events... So, I cannot really recommend.) or very little known games like Drill Dozer or Parasite Eve... Or obvious cartoons like Steven Universe ?
(And some movies suggestions that I find cool : The Mask, Kung Fu Panda, Pirates of the Caribbean, Kingsman the Secret Service, Inside Out, The Incredibles...)

Oh, and Punch-Out. Punch-Out is kewl.

(Sorry if you already read the note... Well, I add some things.)
Donkey Kong  X Kingsman (Because good gijinkas are hard to find. Especially those for Donkey Kong. +This SONG
Steven Universe X My Hero Academia (Gems as superheroes.)
Kung-Fu Panda X The Incredibles (Animal kung-fu masters as human superheroes.)
Metroid X The Mask (Imagine a green power suit with even more killing machine power.)
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Hey - thanks for the suggestions! They're some pretty crazy combinations. XD

I'm actually a huge fan Tintin and Asterix, both the comics and films. I'll be sure to add them to polls for the next round.
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RWBY X Transformers
Killer Instinct X Pacifc Rim
Skylanders X Fullmetal Alchemist
Pokemon X Mortal Kombat
SSX X Street Fighter
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Sweet thanks! Rad combinations.
I'll add them to the next list. :)
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Farscape and Lord of the Rings
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Oh - fun combination. I'll add it to the voting list. :thumbsup:
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Lord of the Rings x Avatar (the blue aliens one)
Death Note x Superman
Star Wars x Mario
Spirited Away x Guardians of the Galaxy
XKCD x Game of Thrones
Adventure Time x Portal
Elfen Lied x TRON
Pokemon x Sherlock
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Thanks so much - nice combinations! I'll add them to their respective lists. :)
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Awesome. I'm curious. :)
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Mass Effect meets RedLine
ZedEdge's avatar
Ha! Rad idea. I'll add them to the lists.
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Assassins Creed and Hotline Miami
Gundam and Hotline Miami
GTA V and Avatar
Masterchief and Batman
ZedEdge's avatar
Ho! Nice combinations. I'll add them the the lists.
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Warhammer 40k + Homestuck

I don't think I've ever seen any overlap between the two, despite all the fusion potential they have.
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Oh yeah - sweet idea. I'll add them to the lists.
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Paul Bunyon and Pacific Rim
ZedEdge's avatar
Nice ideas. Added to the list. ;D
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Big Hero 6
Assassin's Creed
ZedEdge's avatar
Thanks very much - great additions! I've added them to the list.
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Mazinger and Digimon or Pokemon
ZedEdge's avatar
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll add them to list for the next round.
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Ender's Game + Star Fox
One Piece
Indiana Jones
Mega Man
Lackadaisy Cats
Fullmetal Alchemist + Avatar/Legend of Korra
Teen Titans
Piano Forte
Star Wars
Scott Pilgrim
Zoids + Gurren Lagann
Lord of the Rings + Sword Art Online

To name a few.
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:iconoo-plz: You got it, bro.

Also, I see that one on the tenth line you snuck in there. ;D
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