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quick and easy: Rivulets And Rain

My most recent submission was all about water. So, I played around with some efficient rendering techniques.

I'm likely to paint these things in the future, and figured someone else might too. Hope this makes it easier. 'u'

Here it all is in action:
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Stumbled upon this by chance, and actually learned something - Thanks!

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Oh noice! Super glad it helped. :)
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Didn't think there could be such an easy trick to do rain.
I have to try this at some point. Thanks for making this ^^
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Yeah, I was just as surprised. Super glad it's helpful for ya. :D
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How did you find it? Happy accident?
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Kind of - I've just become experimented with Photoshop's tools and effects in a lot of ways, so as soon as I pictured the end result, my brain just laid out the stepping stones. It's like a chef knowing the flavor of spices well enough that they can make a tasty meal without doing a taste-check. ok sign f2u 
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I see. That's an interesting analogy ^^
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ah jezz, can u help me with the rain effect?
somehow i just can't make it like you

when creating the mask layer, did you choose ' reveal all or hide all ' option?
the layer mask one, did u create a new layer then turn it into a layer mask or use the same layer as the one u draw random lines?
when i draw on the layer mask i can't see anything at all
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Hmm - that's weird. Not quite sure what the glitch is there. But here, I've just uploaded my PSD if that's helpful: Make Rain With Mask 

And here's a more specific step-by-step:
1. Draw the diagonal rain lines on a regular layer
2. Click the the mask button at the bottom of the layer panel
3. Make sure you can edit the mask by clicking the mask thumbanail (the white box on the right of the layer thumbnail)
4. Invert the mask to hide the rain, by clicking Image>>Adjustments>>Invert
5. With the mask thumbnail still active (step 3), and using a white brush, draw the diagonal lines again.

Also you can hold Shift and click the mask thumbnail to reveal the initial rain lines. Or hold Ctrl and click the mask thumbnail to select mask lines.

Hope that works for you now. :)
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So simple, yet so useful! Thanks Zed!
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Oh, you're most very welcome. ^u^
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I tried following your instructions but it's not coming out the way it's supposed to be.  
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Oh okay. I can take a quick look at your PSD if you like.
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Thanks, but a friend helped me figure out the problem. I needed to add black to the layer mask, and scribble it in white.
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Ah cool - yep, that'll do the trick. A high-five for your pal. High five! 
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You’re welcome
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Wow - thank you. I'll take it. ^u^
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:bow: And thank you too.
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