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Suckernaughtiac - Gen 1

By ZedEdge
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These three studios have been rocking it from the very beginning and with this series of portraits, I want to show how much happier I am having played their games.

Shortly after picking up a pencil, I picked up a video-game controller. Of course, back then I had no idea how to recognize, imagine or illustrate the things I now love. But it's going on all these adventures that have taught me how. And now I get to make my own fun. And this might be some of the most fun I've ever had drawing.

I mean, look at Spyro's chunky eyebrows - THEY'RE SO CHUNKY! >U<

Gen 2: Suckernaughtiac - Gen 2 by ZedEdge Gen 3: Suckernaughtiac - Gen 3 by ZedEdge Gen 4: Suckernaughtiac - Gen 4 by ZedEdge Gen 5: Suckernaughtiac - Gen 5 by ZedEdge
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Rocket, Crash and Spyro!
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There's my boi, Rocket! Man that game is such a hidden gem, it shoulda gotten more attention back then!
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Aw nice! I admit - never actually played it myself. But I'm a big Sucker Punch fan, so I'll keep a look out for it. :thumbsup:
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Definitely man, it’s pretty rare and high priced, was lucky enough to get my copy with its manual for $30 back in 2011.
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Whoa, with the manual. Great find. Good to know it's out there at least.
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yaaaas so nice!!
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Haha - thanks so much!
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Haha - Ooo, indeed. Oh really / Smug 
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Another classic from the early platformer era - Rocket: Robot on Wheels. Which is what Sucker Punch started with before moving on to Sly Cooper.
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From what I see in an earlier post, it's called Rocket, from a game called Robots on Wheels.
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Cool! I like the way Spyro looks, in particular. 
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Aw sweet - thanks! Yep, I think he's my favorite too - which is surprising to me, given how rarely I draw reptiles. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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In. Deed. So much fun to draw - although Toys for Bob rendered him so perfectly in the Reignited trilogy, that it was a challenge to not just copy their version. =P
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what is the robot?
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