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Sailor Moon + Mad Max (FSRX 20)

Round 20 remix of Franchise Remix. Click here to cast your vote for the next round.


So crazily hyped. I've been wanting to do a crossover with dramatically contrasting franchises from the start - and these were absolutely perfect. You guys vote so well. :wink kiss:

The starting point was getting her vehicle design locked (which naturally she had to have), but I didn't have a clue what it would resemble. I considered turning Luna into a car - but when I thought of how the transformation brooch gives Usagi her powers, and in Mad Max, vehicles are power in a way, I oh-snapped.

The biggest change, I think, was the original personality - an integral element I aim to include in every remix. As playful and charming as Usagi is, I felt like everyone is going to grow-up a bit hardened in the world of Mad Max. So I tried for a conflicted expression, as if somewhere in there, she's still the sweet Dumpling Head we know.

Much thanks to Brakken :iconbrakkenimation: for his advice on camera angles, designs and polishing. He's good at stuff, that one. :chew:

And thanks to all of you for voting these up. Hope you like.


Sailor moon ©Naoko Takeuchi/Kadansha/Toei Animation
Mad Max ©George Miller/Kennedy Miller Mitchell

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This is incredible! 
ZedEdge's avatar
Thank you very much! I must agree, ;P
DeadDancers's avatar
Dude. I don't even like Mad Max and I still love this. That's how awesome it is.
ZedEdge's avatar
Haha - wow! Thanks so much - that's super flattering, indeed. This picture is oozing with Mad Max. =P
ZedEdge's avatar
Thanks! Glad you like it!
Gierek76's avatar
this bike is real baddass!!
ZedEdge's avatar
Aw right! Thanks - glad you dig it!
AndronicusVII's avatar
Brutal re-imagining!  
ZedEdge's avatar
Hopefully that's the good kind of brutal. =P
AndronicusVII's avatar
Metal Emote Heck yeah!  Headbang Emoticon 
ZedEdge's avatar
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Do you mind if I made this in to a cosplay? Naturally, I would give you credit for your amazing work!!!
ZedEdge's avatar
I don't mind even a little. That would be so awesomely awesome. Really glad you like it that much - if you don't mind, I'd absolutely love to see the final costume. :D
cdmalcolm's avatar
:icondeadpool9: Kind of looks like Tank Girl and Sailor Moon. (but without the tank.....) but this is awesome. Fav'ing it.
ZedEdge's avatar
Haha - accurate. Thanks a bunch, man.
swatrzwald's avatar
I would watch the hell out of this.
ZedEdge's avatar
You and me both - haha. Thanks very much!
this is the coolest thing i have seen in a long time bonus points for the hair chain
ZedEdge's avatar
Oh man - many thanks, dude! I was super uncertain how to convert her hair, and narrowed it down to chains or belts. And then I suddenly got super stoked when I thought, "How about both?" - haha!
Thanks again. :chew:
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I like how gritty it is.
ZedEdge's avatar
Sweet thanks! I thought, if I'm going to have Usagi get her grit on, it's gotta be all the way. ;P
Feral-Neko's avatar
I haven't seen Mad Max yet but it will happen. I am however a Sailor Moon fan. I Love this piece. You've done a great job altering the character to suit the new environment but kept her completely recognizable.
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