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RWBY + Journey (FSRX 21)

Round 21 remix of Franchise Remix. Click here to cast your vote for the next round.


Heyyeah! First remix of the third album! Cheerleader 

This was a super smooth round. The designs came together real easy, and I was happy to find a way to include their weapons and symbols using the robe embroidery. The scarf pieces are meant to represent Dust, but I'm not sure how clear it turned out.

Anyway, much fun to do. Hope you like.


RWBY © Rooster Teeth/Monty Oum
Journey ©Thatgamecompany/SCE

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This would make an awesome fanfic XD in my opinion anyway . . . Good job on the art :D
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Ooh, I think you're right about that. To anyone fan fictioners reading this: go for it!

Really glad like the piece! ^U^

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This is the Greatest picture I've ever seen!!!!
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Whoa now - that's crazy flattering, dude!
Beautifully magnificent! 
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Wow - thanks very much!
D1000100's avatar
Super awesome mashup!!! :D 
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Aw, thanks so much! Super cool to hear.
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What can I say - I'm absolute sucker for it. Sweat Emoticon 
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Isn't this wonderful looking no? Keep going okay? You did great!
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Oh, well thank you very much! I shall.
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Oh no problem at all! Your welcome! Just please keep doing more of what you love and it'll pay off in the end okay?

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Thanks very much!
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Beautiful.... beautiful.
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Thank you very much.
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I've played Journey on my birthday..
It's the Collectors Edition..

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Delightful. -u-
NetherNightFall's avatar
I know,
happy holidays..
Take heed approaching these weary travelers, for underneath these cloaks are lethal weapons capable of felling even the most horrific beasts!
ZedEdge's avatar
What an excellent verse.
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