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Final Fandisney - Vincent

Well hey - five done, five to go.

When sketching Vincent, my first idea was to emphasize his classic quiet and cool look. But I realized that Sephiroth was totally going to own that look. So instead, I focused on his gothic-side, which turned out to be mega-fun. I love heavy cloth and shiny things. :funnydance:

Here's his colorful cohorts:

EDIT: I've refined some small details since finishing the series - this over here's the original:
FFD Vincent v1 by ZedEdge 
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Definitely voiced by Faulerro as Richmond here!
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Haha - I can dig it.
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And people say Cloud's edgy
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I know, right? They even say Zed's Edgy!

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I prefer your Vincent's shoes to the real one. Yours looks better.
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Ho - thanks a bunch! That's very flattering. :D
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Love this design!
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Hey, thanks! I'm glad. :)
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This is more Vincent than Vincent ever was. 300% Vincent.
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Whoa - I'm crazy flattered! I was a little worried that this simplified his look too much. Thanks so much, man!
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Please, please tell me Zack is going to be a part of this. 
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We shall see. :smorl: 
Wtf? Where's Tifa's boobs?
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They were left in the PG-13 version. ;P
But wonderful work anyways. No disrespect haha!
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Very nice. I like the distinct silhouette you gave him. This totally feels like it would work as a 3D Disney movie character. ;)
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Oh, thanks! That's really awesome to hear. I'd love to see them in actual 3D sometime. :D
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Any plans to get Zack Fair in there? I know he wasn't part of the original gang (Though he did have his own game) I'm just curious. He's my favorite character lol.
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Totally reasonable favorite character. ;D
I'm certainly going to look at characters from the whole series once these guys are done. So I'll definitely have Zack in mind.
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You are awesome, I look forwards to whoever you pick to be part of the lineup!
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These are a mazing and done beautifully! <3 I'd friggen LOVE to see a spehiroth :happybounce:
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