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Thanks for visiting my page :)

Me and my husband are the team known as Zeddicuss. We specialise is creating content for Daz Studio.

Zeddicuss is one of my favourite fictional characters, from a book series 'Sword of truth' by Terry Goodkind and I am also an absolute Lord of the Rings nut!

Main Store: My Daz3D Store

Other Store: My Renderosity Store

FREE Daz Studio Content: zeddicuss.com

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
The Lord Of The Rings
Favourite TV Shows
Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Everybody Loves Raymond, Mcleod's Daughters
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Ed Sheeran / Metallica / Pretty varied tastes generally.
Favourite Books
The Lord Of The Rings, The Sword of Truth Series, The Hobbit
Favourite Writers
John R.R. Tolkien, Terry Goodkind
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I will not try to be original as everyone must already have said it to you but thank you for your Daz assets. As a lot of Daz3d users, I own a lot of them and I have to say that they have a high quality, modularity and are really easy to work with while also being affordable !

Thanks again and keep up the good work :) !

Hey Keriwan,

Thanks so much for saying that, I really appreciate it :)

Have a great weekend,


As it has been said probably a million time, you are the "Must have in your assets" PA !

I have many of your poses sets. Your work is just amazing. From the poses, the props, the ( many many ) ideas you have ( seriously, I planned to try to make some poses set too, but every idea I have, you already did it lol, you're just amazing ! ) to the Product presentation. You are the boss !

You are really inspiring ( both of you ) Thank you very much for your work ! your dedication, and the perfect quality of your product !

Wish you the best for the future ! Take care !

Much love :heart: :heart: Lisa & Jay

Hi there Lisa and Jay,

Wow thank you so much for all your lovely comments.

Honestly we feel so blessed to do the work we do, especially as the community is so positive and kind.

All the best to you too,


:heart: :heart: take care ! Much love !

This is great. I'm a huge fan of your work. I try to buy anything you make over at Daz. Sometimes your items appear in a monster sale--and I'm like--"Wow, I need a bank loan to get them all." And, they are totally worth it. I will be using just about all of your poses and sets in my work. I'm a writer and I intend to upload about 100 novels I've been working on into the Amazon Kindle program--but, also print novels as well. Anyway, I have invested in Daz 3D to make pretty cover art for said novels. So, chances are--you might be perusing through the Kindle store one day & see Daz characters striking your poses on my covers.

And, there are so many genres your stuff is great for--I write in several. Mostly Historical Fiction--about 60 of those 100 books for a single series that covers 400 years. The others are 2 Science Fiction, 1 Spy series & 1 Spy/Thriller series, 1 Mother/Daughter Detective series. And, if I'm not dead by then--1 Superhero series.

And, your AWESOME poses work (with a little creativity) in just about all of them.

I am so happy that I can leave you this note. At Daz, there's really no way (unless I'm unaware) to thank the artists. Of course, I've only been doing Daz for about a year and a half. I have just about every Genesis 8 Pro bundle--and, I see your poses in several of them--or at least on the add-on sections. At the risk of gushing--your poses are my favorites. You do to posing what artists like Stonemason & others do to objects and sets.

You keep making them--and I will buy them, and, I have a feeling I'm not alone there. Well, God bless you, Ava. I have a ways to go before I'm cover-art ready..still figuring out how to use all of Daz's finer features. My only artistry these days is rather mediocre artwork in Daz's gallery--but, I like to think of each image as a learning opportunity--I'll be a genius about the time I put up a decent render. LOL! My username across the internet is Ripmagnum--but, you can call me, Ron.

Take care, stay safe--and keep creating. We need people like you, people who make creating digital art fun.

Wow thanks so much Ron, I just saw this now.

I replied to your recent email :) It really made my day. All the best, Ava