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◆◆Follow me on other website◆◆
Twitter Youtube pixiv medibang

Hi there, nice to meet you, please kindly call me Zeda/ Zedaziz ;)
Welcome to add friends ^-^///
Thanks everyone who giving llama, comments and favorites <3
You give me a big motivation to create new artworks and you made my day////
I would love to say thank you here to all of you ^^

◆◆NEW music animate◆◆

◆◆Boldarnia Animate◆◆

These are the animations created by my own,
I hope you like it
and please click the link below to sub my YouTube channel for more update anime.
+1 ♥ cm <thanks for watching)…

◆◆New Animate - WIP◆◆

◆◆Rough Setting◆◆

My original Realm called "Boldarnia"
It's contains many spirits and residents
I hope someday I could bring it out to real thing C:

Main OCs:
- Darkawoon (the lord of elfin) -- M
he born to rebuild a flowery world such as mythology
Naylouis is the importance spirit to Darkwoon
He was a female before the regeneration.

- Ivan -- M
lead his own elf army at South Pole ... an unknown empire
A cruel and mad spirit ever
The one who makes Yugo live like an underground stray cat

- Yugo -- M

- Liyan -- M

- Yuka -- F

- Kayan (Pet)
A fire dragon that save by Yugo and Liyan
It's name "Ka" and stand for "Kawaii" <-- Yugo design
"Yan" in Chinese means fire <-- Liyan design
my avatar is Kayan, it likes eating

- Tomisama

- Naylouis

Paintings and creating animations are my favorite stuffs,
the majority theme of my creations are original characters of me and my friends.
you can also read my fictions inside my journal<3

Hopefully could meet new friends who love interactive creations between each other's characters or the same interest in fantasy creations. I would be glad if you add me as a friend and painting together.

Perhaps I really paint extremely slowly for each graphic,
so I seldom draw fanart.
Below might have a tab with some more details about my interests, check it out if you want to know more about me;)

"Developing patience is a craft in itself." -- auxeru
who give a positive massage to me and it really means a lots to me ^^

◆◆miracle treasures◆◆

thanks for the awesome artworks ヾ(●´▽`●)ノ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ my sweeties ♥
You all have amazing art style and the best ever <3
(shot by date)

Yuka by Rinrin-chin
Yuka(teenage version) - by Rinrin-chin

Happy Birthday, We Love You by Wyntrellia
Yuka (Jonna draws me a lovely birthday gift♥♥) - by Wyntrellia

Yuka(child version) - by xelalanana

Paper Art: Sweet Little Yuka by Wyntrellia
Yuka(child version) - by Wyntrellia

Art-trade - Zedaziz's Aibu by mongreldude
Aibu - by mongreldude

Yuka by MarcelaMorgon
Yuka(teen version) - by MarcelaMorgon

At by Natx-chan
Aiki - by Natx-chan

Time for a fairy tale - by nekogirl-san

Many thanks for spending time to read through this long long introduction.

I would be excited to chat with you friends ;)

And... what else can I mention💦
Good luck and Joy bibies💕 ヾ(●´▽`●)ノ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

⚠Please don't steal and repost my artwork without permission, thanks


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You have beautiful art style, I love it///
and look forward for your new works 
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