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He ambled down the stairs to the dingy room in the farther corner of the basement. Shutting the door behind him, the janitor flexed his muscles as he stifled a yawn. The night would be long, with a topping of some backbreaking cleaning to do.

In an unbroken ritual of sorts, he cleaned his toolbox and reorganized his plumber's kit.
Armed with his 'briefcase' (why, his trusty mop and duster)and a bucket of water, he climbed back to the second floor.

He had been sweeping the office floor for only a while when he felt water under his boots. He grunted listlessly: he always managed to ruin a good pair, pants or boots. He turned up the lights a little and discovered that it was a large pool of blood.

He called out, tip-toeing in the direction of the blood flowing free as a river.

He thought he saw the outline of a woman in the dark. She did not have one hand.

He quickly switched on the lights: there was no one in the men's restroom.

It must have been the excess of sleep telling on him, he thought. He switched off the lights to finish sweeping the floor and move on to the next one.

But as soon as he turned about, he noticed that the blood was still there; in fact flowing more freely than ever.
He could see the surface of the blood tremble ominously, dancing a deadly ball.

His mouth was dry, his arms ached. His breathing ramped up as he heard tiny splashes.
After what seemed like an eternity, he gathered with courage to turn around and see if there really was anything.

It was nothing.

Releasing his breath that he had held for too long, he forgot to notice that the blood was flowing from a different direction now.

She stood in front of him, tongue lolling forward and back like leaves ruffling precariously in the autumn wind, with no lower jaw to hold it up.

With a low, grating wail she held her arms forward, as if reaching out for something.
He staggered back in disbelief, switching on the lights to make her disappear.
She didn't.

28 year old woman brutally gangraped and mutilated, found bleeding to death

18th March, 2001| Sandford: The morning shift janitor at Dawsons', Sandford II sounded an alarm and called 911 as soon as he saw the gory scene that can only best be described as bestiality.

A 28 year old woman, Daria Yatsiz, was gangraped at work by her boss and male colleagues while working overtime on the night of 17th March, 2001, to release a product that promised to lift their company out of the doldrums.
She was found raped and sodomized in the men's restroom on the second floor of the office building. Scars confirm that she bled to her death, while her left hand is missing.

Preliminary forensic analysis predicts that a chainsaw or a similar tool was used to inflict this damage. Her clothes were found blocking the sewage pipes. They were recovered after residents in the nearby Sandford area complained of erratic and contaminated water supply.

Family of the deceased recognized the clothes as bringing to the deceased.

Even as the family struggles to come to terms with her horribly tragic fate and untimely demise, the accused have been on the run.

None of the accused persons' immediate families live in the state. Interestingly, they deny having anything to do with these men, while the boss, Phil Walker's wife passed away under unknown circumstances at the Red Cross hospital two and a half years ago.
Warrants have been issued against the five.

The complainant was questioned and declared innocent once his whereabouts were reliably verified.

Meanwhile, another interesting detail has come to the fore. The janitor employed during night shift, Andrew Simmons was present in the building on the night of the aforementioned perversity.

He was briefly taken into police custody the same day a complaint was lodged. Simmons has been hard of hearing for the past decade, something which the state doctor confirmed and his wife corroborated.

Due to lack of any incriminating evidence, Andrew has been let go. He continues to work for the company, unaware of the atrocities of the night of 17th March, 2001.

In other news, the state doctor who helped solve over 400 cases, including this one, was found dead today. It appears to be a case of suicide. No suicide note was found at the site.
Investigations are in progress.
My first attempt at horror. Spot the cliches! :B
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