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Devious Journal Entry
Thunder and lightning have been my kith community, the summer's gnashing teeth my only intervention. It is in the bodies of men and insects that I find joy and sorrow, it is in the hearts of antelopes and gazelle and ibex and okapi that I find piece, my anteater snout knows the curvature of the earth to the seventh decimal, my round eyes orbit the casual tapestry of seeds gone to siddharta planting homes moment to moment, block by block, dinner bell by dinner bell in the quiet meadow where my heart gazes impassively on time and time takes no space, my quiet heart filled with longing seagulls cries and the words of babes, the rough run of the speech of kings and the melodious laughter of their daughters. The bright blue expanse and the crevasse of last rites, the mustard seed grown gold at the edges of streams, the little dip of honest carts across the hills of Pennsylvania, the wild roses of Sharon and all other Apple family trees, the knowledge of intricate rhythms such as happen amid
:iconcreightonwrites:creightonwrites 1 1
summer tossing off spring
i may relax
and hike a creek
:iconcreightonwrites:creightonwrites 2 1
When my cat stares at me
He knows something
I don't--
it's as if he were there
for the building of the pyramids,
as if he lived through
the plagues,
watching horrors
and cities
burn while
calmly licking
his balls.
I stare back
and wonder how long
the zoo animals
watch each other
through the bars
at night
before looking
He stares at me
through an elaborate diamond
of indifference.
I scratch his ear
to break the spell,
I pet him skull to spine,
quickly, the way a busboy
might smooth a tablecloth
or brush crumbs off a chair
at the end of his shift.
It doesn't work,
he keeps his eyes fixed on me
until I feel detached
from my body,
as a block of wood,
waiting patiently for him
to clear the room
so I can burst
into flames.
I throw a coin
across the floor,
I knock on the wall
and yell WHO'S THERE?
His ears swivel
and his tail smacks the couch
but he won't look away.
Without taking my eyes off his
I scribble my finger
into the dust on the endtable--
I doodle an accidental
triangle aborted
into a a hi
:iconantonfrost:antonfrost 18 11
The Plight of the Gentile
a hundred thousand capybara came out 
of a manhole on third avenue by the river 
walked up third
and over to Bronx Zoo 
to liberate their cousins 
and back down third down past the Bowery Ballroom 
and the skeleton of CBGB 
and onto the Brooklyn Bridge
I should have known: 
something was coming ;
the Haredim in Williamsburg were off the streets 
at business-open on a Thursday ;
I assumed it was Saturday ;
I left the house to empty streets—assumed I was hung-over ;
I hadn't slept off Friday ;
I hallucinated a guinea pig the size of a Fiat 
eating my neighbour's garbage bags 
and his two square feet of yard
a casual lover fucked me that night 
with loud victorious abandon ;
we were dancing a lemonjuice capoeira 
all kicks and burning abrasions ;
we were a jaguar and an anaconda 
debating dinner plans in snaps and jumps ;
the capybaras took Prospect Park Zoo that night
liberating their ance
:iconarbitrarynamechange:arbitrarynamechange 6 6
all these books
 I brought to read
   lying useless
     in a pile
       beside your hair
:iconcreightonwrites:creightonwrites 15 5
weak light
and what
you want
to hear.
:iconantonfrost:antonfrost 13 12
Cricket Philosophers
I wonder if crickets chirp
to bring out the stars
or count them as they appear.
Or are they yelling for a breeze
like churlish old men
yelling for the AC to be turned on,
or perhaps they're arguing cricket politics
in a town hall of tall grass walls.
But I really like to think
they're a thousand poet philosophers
who only live for seven months
and spend their brief time
trying to explain it.
:iconzippip:zippip 16 5
a few spring stars...
discovering a hole
in my pocket
:iconwrheath:wrheath 10 3
A New Hope,
as Obi-Wan
the tractor beam,
a few stormtroopers
to stand guard.
One orders
the others,
"Give me regular
reports, please."
Then walks off.
I was confused
as a boy,
because to me
it meant
"Tell me everything
is the same,
even if it's
was plain oatmeal,
an afternoon
without t.v.,
yogurt without
any fruit.
I was not
when the rebels
It was just
too easy.
:iconantonfrost:antonfrost 4 2
Josie was digging holes out behind the kitchen when Matt found her. She held up something small and wriggly in greeting. “Look, I found an earthworm!”
Matt crouched down beside the hole and leaned forward, balancing himself with one hand. “Nah, I don't think that's an earthworm, Josie. It looks like some kind of larval beetle.”
“No, it should be -” she broke off and her face fell. “Glass says it's a rhinoceros beetle larva.” She dropped the creature and sighed loudly.
“And you're just going to believe it?”
“Well, it's Glass.” She shrugged.
“And what does Glass have to say about this?” Matt frowned and moved his fingers in a flickering pattern that was too complicated for Josie to follow.
“That can't be right.” Josie giggled. “Glass says you're a lesser spotted palewing butterfly. Have you filed a bug report?”
Matt looked at her seriously. “Josie, you can see right now that
:iconpaperdart:PaperDart 95 50
Spring is a Ninja
I know spring must change things,
but she's like a ninja at night
with a sly smile and a subtle presence.
She must have trained for years
with saffron robed monks
to master the imperceptibly quick movements
that noiselessly sneak tiny green buds onto twigs
and hide small pink flowers
around maroon leaves no longer than my pinky.
I see her work each morning
in the delicate shifting
of one thing to the next
but I never see her,
and it feels like each change she makes
has been there forever.
:iconzippip:zippip 18 12




Sarah Stanton
Artist | Literature
To dream of a zebra denotes that you will be interested in varying and fleeting enterprises. To see one wild in his native country foretells that you will pursue a chimerical fancy which will return you unsatisfactory pleasure upon possession.
Gosh. So I guess I'm back. I posted a poem and everything.

Since I was gone, bearing in mind that I don't really remember when I left, I have:
  • Lived in San Francisco for four years;
  • Been diagnosed with twelve chronic illnesses;
  • Spent a year and a half bedbound;
  • Got married, a bit;
  • Reclaimed my autism (friends, I am autistic as heck);
  • Entered a literary comic erotic fanfiction contest;
  • Started a project called Share My Wonder;
  • Wrote a lot, but not nearly enough.
What have you been up to while I was gone? What's been happening around deviantART that I missed? What do you want to ask me about the years we spent apart? I just want to get to know you all again!


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Hi, have an awesome day :happybounce:
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I hope you're still around, because I only just saw this now. I'm so sorry you're struggling with ME/CFS, I wouldn't wish it on anyone and ESPECIALLY you. So many loves and gentle squeezy hugs from my bed to yours. :heart:
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