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Lollipop Chainsaw Wallpaper

A wallpaper I made for the upcoming game Lollipop Chainsaw with Juliet Starling.
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NightsoulKen's avatar
lollipop oh lollipop //POP!//
batgirl1969's avatar
Such a sexy body...i dont know what it is about her but she makes me want to get back into cheerleading! Wow
Deviant258's avatar
This wallpaper is awesome I think I might use this on my Ps3
ParamoreFreak86's avatar
Juliet Starling rockin
cyberchick7's avatar
love it and the games is so fun lol!
Hashmash's avatar
Got it, luv it!
chocolato-chan's avatar
i love how in the trailer it says "From the TWISTED mind of SUDA51"

lol, i'm so going to buy this game.
Well i would...but my mum's so strict when it comes to game ratings...and it's rated 17+...*goes to cry in corner*
TuxedoWerewolf's avatar
This game is the funniest, wackiest video game I've ever seen!! I can't wait to play it!!! :D :D :D
emerald12321's avatar
DANG awesom wallpaper i'm so looking forward to this game
CharlesLovage's avatar
whats the game about?
A zombie killing cheerleader! haha what more could you ask for :D

You can check out the trailer here:
CharlesLovage's avatar
sexy chick in a outbreak & a cheerleader zombie hunter? dude thats better than duke nukem! :D
i know right haha :D
CharlesLovage's avatar
HELL yeah! & the best part is I found her on FB :3
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