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Samus explores Crateria

It was either drawing this, or getting brutally killed by ~Deimos-Remus and ~Phobos-Romulus


My view on Planet Zebes' Crateria area =)

I think it's better than my old Metroid drawing, so yay for that!

Thanks to my friends who took a look at the process and/or gave me critiques and opinions while drawing this. ~Brolo,~El-Andyjack,=erilu,=charlie140588,~ekara and anybody else who saw it before :aww:

My previous Metroid fanart:

Pencil + Photoshop.


Also check my friend ~Jaquio's awesome Maridia pic!!
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thank you! 
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Thank you :) 
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Wn enserio que no puedo decirte lo hermoso que quedó estoExo : Crying Kai Está perfesto.

+10 y a favoritos... ehh quiero decir, +Watch y a favoritos hahaha
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Muchas muchas gracias! 
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Esto es maravilloso, me morí, lloro y me inclino ante tu arte. XD
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'shas gracias! :aww: :D
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Por nada, merece todos los piropos y más sobsob. <3
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Gracias de nuevo :) Y qué bien que seas de ese pequeño grupo que escribe todo bien, ya no quedan muchos ;_;
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Haha obvio! No me gusta escribir mal, de hecho no puedo hablar muy en serio con quienes lo hacen. XD
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Wow this is amazing!
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Your 3D version of Crateria holds the same "air" from the game's original 2D.
Better job than Nintendo itself did with the later games.
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I'm super-glad you think so, thanks!
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Your Metroid art is soo great man. I'm gonna upload some Super Metroid art pretty soon too. I'm working on a tribute album based on Super metroid. You can checkout the teaser here: [link]
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Hey that looks(sounds) great! Let me know when it's done please :D

Thanks a lot for your comment and fav
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Thanks man! Sure =D I'll let you know when it's availabe for the masses ^^
Any time man. I've had your metroid pictures faved for some time now, but the crateria picture I saw today. Keep up the good work.
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thanks again, cheers!
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Magnificent work
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Que sensacional ñ_ñ
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Your art has been featured on our Awesome Alt Art blog! You can check it out at: [link]

All the best!
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Thanks very much!!!
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