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Calamares de mar marinos en el mar acuático bajo el mar.

Squids! Ink + polychromos.
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HP Scanjet 2400
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Nov 24, 2013, 2:30:19 PM
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Ese achurado hermoso y extremo, me encanta * - * )!!!
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Vale! La idea era que quedase un poco como antiguo/enciclopédico/místico... creo. :D 
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Wow! So much detail! This is extraordinary! What i would give to be this skilled with ink drawings!
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Hahah you flatter me, thank you! :D  
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Acuoso? *_* 

ta lindo :)
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Y asquerosos! Gracias muchas : )
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you sir te has vuelt horat
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Gracias Paburito san
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ta lindo
igual hipster
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Sí, pero hipster con volumen pos huasho ;D 
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jajaja, igual decía por los materiales ma que por el mono
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aaah sipos, pero esa croquera la encontramos en un basurero y salió piola, a caballo regalado... 
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por eso mismo,es como vintage wow danilo
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This is drop-dead gorgeous.

Reminds me of Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland. Those were some exceptional comics.

Anyway, I love what you've done here man. Nice :) Definitely worth watching.
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Thanks a lot, and Little Nemo is amazing! What a compliment. thanks thanks and thanks :thumbsup: 
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Featured this work. Cheers :)
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Awesome :heart: What notebook is that? A moleskine?
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Thanks! :D Well it's SIMILAR to a moleskine, but we found this on top of a dumpster, it's just some company notebook (moleskines are too expensive xD) 
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You found it on top of a dumpster? Like a dumpster filled with rotten, smelly food? YOU HAVE A DUMPSTER NOTEBOOK?
I'm sorry, I'm a bit of a germophob XD Did you disinfect it at least?

But it looks very cool and you seem to be able to draw into it well. I find that moleskine pages are a bit too thin. They bleed through with lots of pens >_>
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beautifully done fella!
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Thanks very much : D 
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siempre me han gustado mucho estos animales
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