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Megaman Orignal Character MEME

By Zeag
Here it is! The Megaman OC meme! Created by me and :iconmirrore:

Please send us back a link to your finished memes and share the OC love! :D If you can't think of anyone to poke, you can always poke me or Mirrore back =)

Also, feel free to add some questions if you want, such as "Do you exist in different MM eras? X, Zero, ZX, Battle Network, etc" I don't have to tell you how to make the sheet longer and copy paste... right? If you need help with that, poke me :P

List of finished Memes:

0:[link] by :iconzeag:

1:[link] by :iconprincesspeatoadstool:
2:[link] by :iconserras-kai:
3:[link] by :iconkokkoii-matoku:
4: [link] by :iconem0-shino:
5: [link] by :iconvudu007:
6: [link] by :iconforteviruszero:
7: [link] by :iconmegatuga:
8: [link] by :iconlea-kane:
9: [link] by :iconlecoris:
10: [link] by :icon0megazero:
11: [link] by :iconcrimsonwolfmon:
12: [link] by :iconsamusmmx:
13: [link] by :iconpretzellover1138:
14: [link] by :iconoverlander-x:
15: [link] by :iconvegetable-shadow:
16: [link] by :iconfortissimo:
17: [link] by :iconeriance:
18: [link] by :iconpurpleangelwings:
19: [link] by :iconsupermarthandroy64ds:
20: [link] by :iconwolfer-2:
21: [link] by :iconandreamontano:
22: [link] by :iconsethyuikora:
23: [link] by :iconhesnotdead:
24: [link] by :icontigercry:
25: [link] by :iconmegashadow01:
26: [link] by :iconmegashadow01:
27: [link] by :iconmilesprower13:
28: [link] by :iconjeremiah:
29: [link] by :iconsariumi:
30: [link] by :iconirismightlikepink:
31: [link] by :iconzeromidnight:
32: [link] by :icongeneral-radix:
33: [link] by :iconcrystalviolet500:
34: [link] by :iconsariumi:
35: [link] by :iconada000ikefan:
36: [link] by :iconmaverickhunteraxl:
37: [link] by :iconcrystalviolet500:
38: [link] by :iconsoniafanz:
39: [link] by :iconsoniafanz:
40: [link] by :iconsadiasmegashadow889:
41: [link] by :iconjackie-derippe:
42: [link] by :iconmateusponarinha:
43: [link] by :iconbrian-the-werewolf:
44: [link] by :iconlucky23o:
45: [link] by :iconsilversteeldragunn:
46: [link] by :iconblinding-eclips:
47: [link] by :iconzero08013:
48: [link] by :iconnetgreen123:
49: [link] by :iconshedinja-wonder:
50: [link] by :iconzero08013:
51: [link] by :iconxemcail:
52: [link] by :iconlady2010:
53: [link] by :iconclaudinego:
54: [link] by :iconsstteevveenn:
55: [link] by :iconadmin-v:
56: [link] by :iconyukito-chan:
57: [link] by :iconajt636:
58: [link] by :iconyukito-chan:
59: [link] by :iconyukito-chan:
60: [link] by :iconyukito-chan:
61: [link] by :iconyukito-chan:
62: [link] by :icongingler:
63: [link] and [link] by :icondeofthedead:
64: [link] by :iconspdy4:
65: [link] by :icontppr10:
66: [link] by :icongingler:
67: [link] by :iconwokopok:
68: [link] by :icontimetravelereon:
69: [link] by :iconamikingston:
70: [link] by :iconkino-1:
71: [link] by :iconlady2011:
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Ryangodzillasonicfan's avatar
I know you're not on DA anymore but just to be respectful. I'll down the link here.

Godzilla Man - Megaman OC Meme
BlazingHeartnix's avatar
This may take me awhile (got gifts and mini comics to finish, not to mention most of my attention is going into my first comic), once I'm done I'll let you know.
Shinryuu-Uroborus's avatar
' v '

I hope you'll do one for yourself as well, I'd like to see.
Zeag's avatar
You don't need to ask permission for it :) Go ahead!
shinkuscarlet's avatar
i ask permission to use your meme for a megaman oc!
Binaryrobot's avatar
cool can I use it if ok I love megaman and the ocs meme
Kaity-Chameleon's avatar
Awesome meme :la: Finally finished filling it in
SirArceon's avatar
After much that will NOT be discussed, here it is:…
TemjinX's avatar
Can I do one?
Zeag's avatar
D1v1d3m4n's avatar
Man, if only this were on a journal. I don't feel like drawing any pictures.
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