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I really couldn't help it. Plus, I've always wanted to do one of this.

Pic belongs to Ariche Comics.

EDIT: Thanks for favs and all that BUT could you PLEASE check out some of my other stuff and leave your comments there?
I love that.
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ROBLOXgeneralduncan's avatar
now I see how that face doesn't fit well with the comic...
PhantomTheDemon's avatar
Trololol. See people? Shadow can make a funny face :XD:
sondash300's avatar
me gusta face!
sonidou's avatar
That. Is. Hysterical :icondragonxdplz:
LunaDivinerGirl's avatar
The face! Just....that face!
mYuAm's avatar
damm right he is
IamHamburgah1's avatar
lol, priceless ^^
JB53's avatar
yes too you very much, I Cassie
NighttheHedgehog's avatar
I don't believe it. He's actually scaring me. O_O;
HopeKrystalheart's avatar
ya Shadow's really "Mr. Sunshine" :) Lol
PhoebeHedgefox's avatar
UzumakiSonic619's avatar
.......*bursts out laughing* Oh my God!!! What the hell is he doing?! XDD
Beau-Skunk's avatar
Hahaha! I love that issue.

Just back away Marine, just back away.
GaaraxNeevy's avatar
lmfao!!! for some reason he looks like he is trying to hold a fart in O.O I'm just using my imagination people.
Angel-V096's avatar
omg, what kind of face is that?? he looks so wierd.. lol
silvazelover2's avatar
silverblade989's avatar
LMAO wat he looks so dumb XDDD What comic is this picture from? XD
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