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Mario Kart Custom Track - Yoshi's Island



A Mario Kart Track design based on Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. I tried to stay quite close to the original game. This track uses Mario Kart 7 elements.

Track directions:

- Almost straight away, there is a glider ramp to send you over this small lake. There are 5 item boxes in an arc-shape covering the entrance to the next cave.
- Inside the cave is a tunnel that releases Chomp Rocks occasionally, which hug the left wall and fall into an abyss at the bottom. There is a shortcut on the right of the cave entrance, that requires a mushroom to boost through the mud. There is a trick ramp at the end.
- Out of the cave are 4 item boxes in a line, right before a bridge.
- The normal road leads you through a couple of turns onto the next section. There's a Shy Guy wandering on one of the corners, but he shouldn't be in your way.
- In this next section is a long drift around a circular pool, with two boost panels on the outer rim and 4 item boxes.
- There is a Crazee Dayzee walking along the bank which spits bubbles at drivers. The bubbles will push you into the water if you're not careful. You can escape the pool just before the next tunnel entrance.
- Alternative route: You can drive into the water from the bridge, and head downstream. There are two item boxes inside the tunnel, and this path will spit you out into the circular pool.
- There are two exits from the pool. The right-most one requires a mushroom across the grass patch and is a shortcut. (You'll have to use your imagination for these tunnels, since I haven't drawn them in)
- The regular tunnel winds in an S-shape. Towards the end are several Fangs, which act similar to the Swoopers in Wario's Gold Mine. When you exit there is a sharp left-turn followed by 3 item boxes in a diagonal line, and the final corner soon after.
- The shortcut tunnel is lined with boost panels, and there's an item box halfway which always contains a mushroom/triple 'shroom or a star. It can be hard to get when driving at high-speed, since it's in an alcove against the inner wall. The tunnel ends on a high ledge, with two trick ramps leading to the final corner.
- On the final corner are two Shy Guys wandering about. These ones may get in your way, as you spin out when you run into them. If you take the corner tight enough, you can hit the boost panel tucked away on the left before the finish line.
- On the second and third laps, a Nep-Enut rises his head up. Swerve left or right with the glider to avoid it, depending on it's position. If you fly into it's mouth you'll be counted out-of-bounds and re-spawn at the ramp.
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actually tho, can a custom track creator actually make this for mkwii? this could end up in CTGP.