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MIUIv4.1 CM10.1 HDPI by ZduneX25

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Dear Zdune.

I do own a Samsung S4 and a Note 3. Both rooted. I wish to change the default Black background (in settings,phone, contacts) to white or clear background with black fonts. Can your skin help? If not do you know a solution?

Thank you
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This theme will not help you, even if you will install CM on your S4 it will be cm 11 and I stopped the project on cm 10.1, however you can decompile and look at xmls.
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I really miss this theme on cm11
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i love this theme <3
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Thank you, I appreciate  :)
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please fixed minor bugs in colors text's
i always use this theme
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Am sory, but most of the apps that are unreadable at this moment are using not system colors, but it's own, so I cannot fix them.
That is a job for the developers of these apps to let them use framework's styles properly.
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please update this theme for cm11
can you?
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Unfortunately I no longer have a device that supports CM, so it's impossible for now.
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zwykle nie komentuje ale ten motyw jest niesamowity!! w końcu estetyczny cm
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new to this site where is download button????
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at the right side
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Co ja widzę:)
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Great work man. I just installed. Very nice.
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