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zdragon and furry Rules

1. We will accept human but only have animal or if human have animal ears , tail or wing we will accept it

2. Founder, Co-founders, Contributors, and members are allowed to submit 10 per day each folder and join as co-founders ,Contributors or members

3. you can submit deviantart form video games, movie, books, anime, manga any

4. you can invite someone and friend if you like it help to grow ours group bigger

5. you can join as co-founder, contributors, or members you will be automatically invite. By just press join our group

6. before you submit read rules 1 and 3 before you submit and we will accept any art
also read rules 9, 10 and 11 too

7. submit to any folder you think should go.

8. this group is always affiliate automatically approved with other group

9. you're story is accept

10. you're Animations is accept.

11. you're contest is accept.

12. you can submit to favourites to this group any kind of art I mean any kind for gallery read rules for favourites no rules

13. you can us the journa as you like

14. founder, co-founders and contributors can vote 10 time to be approval on featured only and read rules 1

If you like any of the furry art you can join or watch or Both as you like

if you have any question you want to say to the founder. feel free to ask

If you are not a member you still submit 10 per day each folder

founder now open

Group Info

furry and dragon we love group is all about furry and dragon we love furry and other anime manga movie video games book comic magical creature and dragon and other animals

you can add any kind of art as you like it hast to be any kind of animals even form video game, movie, book, anime, manga magical creature, any kind and we will accept any art and read rules 1 and 3 and what do you think about this group

is also anthro

also read rules 9, 10, 11 and 12

There are Over 100 members in ZDragon and Furry

if you have any question feel free to ask ZDragon73 the founder ZDragon73 will answer you're question and if you are interested of this group just press join our group then you have an option co-founder, contributors or member then you will be automatically invite to ZDragon-and-Furry or you can watch or Both
Founded 3 Years ago
Feb 1, 2016


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221 Members
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you can submit your art here when you came here if you like. all of you're art is accept and please just read the rules and thanks you :D
You're not here because you're not logged in


if you like this group check out other Amazing group you can go too it only show 30 but there more then 30 it random. :D

Gallery Folders

If looks Could Kill... by deiviz23
Out Of Her Element by deiviz23
Wendy O. Koopa by DreamEclipseWolf
Fake Love by bumbum-sama
Thomas Bulger aka Mr. Shadow by R101D
A dizzy twister dance by Pasmical
Tayriy by ICEMBL
anime and manga
Everything changed when the fire nation attacked by Onyx-Niight
Cute Nanachi by DreamEclipseWolf

Mature Content

Retsuko by DreamEclipseWolf
Overtime by AsaYuri
Deep Down by Thaina-Zanello

Mature Content

Seguro que no quieres by Katrosh
Jaws by TheBMeister

Mature Content

Shark Week 2018 by Spocky87
Bird Lady by Thaina-Zanello
Fire Hands  by mushrooms14
Lescher Seran (Overlord) [GIFT] by Den-of-AlexA
Adopt N3 (OPEN) by Numero15
Bouncy as always good gal by ArtistOtaku91

Mature Content

Pin up 9: Taokaka by ArtistOtaku91
Best Friends Forever by ArtistOtaku91
Taokaka by ArtistOtaku91
Wallpaper-DIGIMON Renamon sensuelle by Valtorgun-le-Grand
Rena Figth censored by Darcknessa
Renamon Ok Ok by Darcknessa
Renamon Reborn (Complete) by Darcknessa

Mature Content

Dragon Auction // closed by closethippie
The light in the darkness by AnvarDragon
Dragon Adopt [OPEN] by Trioza
Ardy (Commisson) by DevilMarie
five night at freddy
'Seafood' : a Where all the magic happens tribute by IttyBittyPapyrus
(FNaF) Stockfox by Trextyrano
We Love You Bonnie!! by NucasKakuDragon304
Five Night's With Chica by NucasKakuDragon304
furry comic
   1 by RunaSolarisVanClif
Furry OC
AT-Does it feel soft still? by dantiscus
how to train your dragon
Toothless by Rylucius
human animals
The second most precious piece of art I have S2 by Thaina-Zanello
jak and daxter

Mature Content

  by RunaSolarisVanClif
FA-Klonoa needs a jump by dantiscus
magical creature
Eclipse by bumbum-sama
Gift For Aqdrobert By Solitarygraywolf by aqdrobert
my little pony
Fluttershy by Thaina-Zanello
Leafeon girl by DreamEclipseWolf
ratchet and clank
Spicy [Icon] by Den-of-AlexA
sly cooper
brokenheart by MyaEspadas
sonic the hedgehog

Mature Content

Neon Dragon Sisters Auction // closed by closethippie
[mini spyro aka spry] squish squish by Byeonaraye
star fox
Send it off - Legacy edition by Bigjim3D
video game
FA-Safety Line by dantiscus
Kit Knightwood plushie 2 by R101D
Bird Watching  by mushrooms14


Cholla Linosyte by FriskGaster
AQD Kumakirin Travis Hanson Sketch! by aqdrobert
AQDLarry is perplexed by aqdrobert
CHUKumaKirin by aqdrobert
Devious Collection

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Warning to everybody. Because this user: :iconpearldiver22: is randomly sending invitations to join to its group. "WeLoveItCute" :iconweloveitcute:

That users just wants people to get attention and be popular.
The bipolar leaves comments on your jobs saying they are "wonderful" secondly simply it BLOCKS YOU from its account and its group.
Why? Simply because is sick and bipolar. How crazy.

You can see by yourself that user was leaving comment and I was thanking. So, what happened, huh? No sense.……

Avoid that false people.
Never accept requests from this guy: :la-grand-art: If you accept and draw for him HE ACCUSES YOU AS A "THIEF" and stealing his "brilliant ideas" or " fantastic OCs" Is bipolar and ingrate.

This guy asked if I add in my jobs one of his characters…

I did it and and credited him.

Now the guy has been calling me "art thief" when he was who requested me for that!

Menacing me.…

With his own comment confirms he is bipolar and changes his mind. Not because I took his garbage without permission.…

And see how he doesn't respect being a birthday gift to our friends.   joining her friends and everybody got satisfied.
see him how he was happy with the job and saying he would like more for the future.…

Look! I credited and welcomed him. He has fallen by his own contradiction. Saying "Annulling permit" is too late, and he REQUESTED FOR IT!

I did that for make him visited ad because I was a guy person to him.
I see why anybody visits him and he is full of spam he hides.

Don't spend your time and your art to that guy!
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DreamEclipseWolf Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
uhh still an issue. my submission has been sitting it 3/5 approved for almost 2 weeks.
this is not an ideal way to run a group..
omeeko Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2017
Floating Stars Pixel by Nerdy-pixel-girl SFW Furry art, writing, and fursuit discord! Floating Stars Pixel by Nerdy-pixel-girl
DreamEclipseWolf Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
we should fix how submissions are accepted here.
10 approvals is absurd..
Spocky87 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't know how to do that atm, but it sure should be fixed. ^^;
JK-madferret Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
More absurd is the endless spamming of horrible quality and fetish pictures on the featured folder IMO
DreamEclipseWolf Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeah.. that too
MalortComics785 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2016  Professional General Artist
Warning to all members…
FauzihAckerman Featured By Owner May 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks for accepting me and my art XD
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