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HGK's DE 13, one of only three MaK DE 1024s in existence (the two others are also at HGK, named DE 11 and DE 12) drives through Cologne Main Station with a train of empty autoracks, and also casually proves that HGK is not superstitious.

The history of six-axle diesel locomotives in Germany is a little odd. While they were common, in various generations, in east Germany after the war, the western part never actually bought any. There were some prototypes based on four-axle locomotives, but the Bundesbahn (Federal Railway) preferred double traction of four-axle units instead, so they were never bought. The industry also developed some prototypes themselves, not based on any types already in service. The last such attempt before Germany was reunited was the DE 1024 by MaK. Using three-phase AC traction and with 3500 hp, it was quite a remarkable unit. But electrification was continuing, and then Germany reunited. Freight traffic in the former GDR decreased rapidly, so lots of class 130s and their various subclasses were available for free. The three prototype DE 1024, which had been tested under the designation class 240, were eventually sold to HGK (Hafen und Güterverkehre Köln), which is owned by the city of Cologne and maintains and operates the non-federally owned tracks and inland harbors in the area around Cologne. HGK did not order any new ones either, instead purchasing class 66s.

Huh. My sister says I always write too much comments. I think she may be right.
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