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It was really fun to do and I...just...kept...adding...Supermen.
If you want a list of who is in the picture, go ask Miguelohara2099, he might put up a list if you ask him nicely.
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Would love to see a Super Girl version of this with all the main universe ones, and the elseworlds versions. 
Shadowhunter100's avatar
This would be the most amazing crossover even made in the history of ever!
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One can never have enough Supermen.
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This is awesome! You could tell a lot of effort went into this and it pays off! Great job! Faving!! :)
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Psyk0-W01f's avatar
Good God! You must have broken some law of physics or quantum mechanics with this many Supermen in one place. I think they should all descend upon the areas of war & strife here on Earth, especially Donetsk, Ukraine, ISIS/ISIL infected Iraq, Syria, etc., and the Gaza/West Bankstrip.
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Is it possible for me to use this an avatar?
zclark's avatar
If you give credit.
Godaiger's avatar
Ok, thanks.

I highlighted your name as a link to your fanart:

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No problem.

Thanks for the link.
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I saw Clavin Ellis, but didn't found Sunshine Superman.
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It's not every superman ever. But if sunshine superman is the same as golden superman, he's in the sun.
Ziggyman's avatar
It's a great job  But Sunshine Superman is more like Afro-Hippie-Superman.… Maybe he is ina trip.
zclark's avatar
Oh, right. The guy who was afraid everyone would forget him... Then they did.

Let's say that he is on the other side of the sun with the rest of the supermen I forgot.
Ziggyman's avatar
Clever answer. =)
Dissectum's avatar
Wow this draw is...... Super!
zclark's avatar
(Puts on sunglasses) Yyyyyeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh!
CptTooner's avatar
Oh no, it's Bearded Idiot from Superman: At Earth's End!
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Easy favorite.
VMJML1er's avatar
Super compilation

but in
all his superman, y t he descendants of superman or what is the same character with different costumes.?
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