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Light Bulb 02

Light Bulb 02
Used: 3D Studio Max 8 & finalRender Stage-1 & Photoshop CS2
Info: ~240k Faces, 2000k Caustic Rays, 256 Shadow Samples

Most of image rendered without Anti-Aliasing, because render time would be *beep* high.
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If i make one of these in SU and shine light thru the shaped material should it react to the curves of the surface i created? Would it work due to the geometry of shape?

I guess i'm going to try it but if anyone knows if the idea is viable please say something...

This is beautiful..i'd love to know if you modeled it then rendered it.
I guess it's in 3DMax...

All your stuff is perfect and CGI gorgeous!

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Excellent work… Keep it up!
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Thanks, i will try :D
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Very clean, I like it.
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But against bulb alsatian am screw-thread. For adjustment bulb behalf exertion
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Maybe my english is bad, but I do not understand what you mean :)
Screw-thread is not modeled, it is just a rings. So you could not screw this lamp in real life :)
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Sorry for my english!
A tell you about this [link]
It's NOT a ring, it a spiral.
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Yes I know, spiral is much more harder to model compared to simple rings :)
Did not had enough time to model that part correctly.
Anyway thanx :worship: for comments
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Next bulb! As always very good and realistic :) Keep up the good work :)
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