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HDRi tutorial

Fullview is a must :D
This tutorial assumes you already know how to do basic things with 3dsmax.
You should know how to use Mental Ray shaders and Final Gather. If you don't, google is your friend :D
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Have seen your video, but the recording time feel too long.
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This is in 3 d - Max.The higher knowledge.
Awesome stuff! This is going to be so useful!
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Sorry for my noobish question...

I can't make the boxes glow, how do I make the lights visible objects?
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A great tutorial, helped me a lot (altough I'm using FinalRender). Great job, thank you very much!
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Fuck me! Really, This is so totally useful! Thanks a million, dude!
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Not fully understand, must try this to understand it.
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Amazing tute my friend. I didn't realise it was so easy to make your own HDRI backdrop! :D
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thanx very much for this tutorial ! i need to adopt this to vray.. :P
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In vray you can set camera FOV to 360 degrees and Type to Spherical, and you will get the same results
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