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Chaos of 2012

created for Slashthree's Artpack:Order vs. Chaos

ok this is my first space scene and it was inspired from the movie trailer 2012. even though they didn't show anything like this happening i just wanted to created something interesting to think about. now i know this is very unrealistic when it comes to how the moon would look if it crashed into the earth. i just had fun with it.

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hello people in 2012! i am of 2014! hows its getting destroyed and killed ? :lol:
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2015 now, but scew it, It's happening again, prepare for september 15, 2015.
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I'm glad the whole thing is over, now we can relax and get on with our lives ^^

no zombies. angels or demons coming down. earthquakes, tsunami or aliens.
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So! The world ended the other day! Tell me, how does it feel to be completely and utterly destroyed? :lol:
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it took a wile to clean all that shit up but im okay, and don't even get me started on the zombie's.
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Zombies?!? You're lucky! I got a tidal wave of acidic lava! (if that's even possible)

(BTW, how's JFK doing?) :lol:
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jfk's dead again, ironic some one shot him in the face the second time.
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were all gonna die at 5:11

It's already 12/12/12 in Australia and they've said nothing has happened yet
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haha, and nothing will happen.
I meant 12/21/12 by the way. Also you can add Guam, Japan, the Koreas, China, Thailand and Indonesia to that list.
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Yes it's scary.I don't correcty now what happend in this day.There're 2 days we will be die,New Year or End of the world?
Sorry for my poor English,i'm Russian,heh^^
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awsome *-* may i use it for a photomanipulation ? (DA-Challenge) of causei'll credit you and link you back ^^
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to all the people who believe the end is real you are a tool.only god knows when the world will end!
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I herd it passed already. The prophecy didn't account for leap years.
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i hope its not that true but nice picture though
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so long for earth. lol nice.
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D: noooo! now i'm depressed
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