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BonjoLasermaster 2020 comm 5- Finalizing SEAD

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A technical sequel to this www.deviantart.com/zboys/art/C…

basically a wrap up from the destruction of what she did earlier and is finishing off her raid on her target/s 

honestly a hard one to make but worth it. Thank you again for the commission mate and do hope you enjoy.

Character is from BonjoLasermaster 
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Technical sequel indeed. I haven't developed the lore to say whether she can actually switch the weapons in her limbs, but at the same time, in an effort to somehow "balance" her out, the thought process is her limbs are switched based on the mission, so while the mission may not be the exact same one, the circumstances are similar, and it's still an opportunity for her to rain down some hailstorm of destruction. Or, she switched limbs mid-battle. Hm. Like one of those old Tesla battery swap concepts.

Just enough challenge, yeah? We struck a bit of a balance? Nice to see that even the muzzle flashes aren't copied and instead are unique. Good work again on the lighting from all those light sources. I'm happy once again.

So. I see your commissions journal is closed. Time to take a break? I'll get some scenarios put together, maybe swap out Thetis' weapons to give you more stuff to work with. Or even, Captain Skylar had an old story where he was a fully synthetic being, and had more weapons on his person. Might be interesting to see that one eventually get realized. Either way, thank you for everything you've done now, and hopefully I can come back to you for more :)