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Contains a Plasma colour-scheme,Konsole theme,icons and GTK theme,and the wallpaper.
The wallpaper was made in Gimp,and is my interpretation of an abstract angel,hence the title,which is from the Arabic word for angel.
Here are some instructions to install the themes -
The Plasma colour-scheme can be installed either from System Settings-Colours-Install from File,or placed directly in /home/your user name/.local/share/color-schemes/
The Konsole theme you put directly into /home/your user name/.local/share/konsole/
The GTK themes you can put in either /usr/share/themes/ or /home/your user name/.themes/ and if you don't have the folder in your home directory,you can just create it,but you must create it as .themes with the full stop at the beginning to hide it,and for it to be seen by the system.
If you are using the Breeze theme as is used here,you only need to set the GTK2 theme in System Settings,for GTK3 just set that to Breeze and it will use the Plasma colour-scheme.
The icons you can either put them in /usr/share/icons/ or in your home directory /home/your user name/.icons/ again if you don't have the folder in your home directory.just create it,but don't forget the full stop at the beginning.
And also with the icons,if you don't have the Deepin and Breeze themes installed,you can edit the index.theme in the icon folder,just change the line "inherits=deepin,breeze" to your choice of icon themes.
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