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ItD Contest Entry: Cappie



EDIT: Cappie made it into the finalists! I get a free copy of the game! 8D /flailflail
The winner is ~APPUL's [link] . Congrats to him! ^^

This is way too cluttered and advert-y. xD
Anyway, the comicky part was supposed to be animated but:
1. I really need Flash to do that.
(Windows Movie Maker, you suck. o_e)
2. My animation...didn't look that great.

3. ADD wants me to never finish anything ever.
(Yes, the real ADD, not the lazy kind.)

But anyway, I got him finished, and this little guy is going in a contest to (hopefully!) get into this: [link]
Which, by the way, looks AWESOME, and I can't wait until it comes out! It needs funding, though, so if anyone has a few dollars to spare, please consider donating!
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