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Trespasser is the project I chose to work on. I'm still writing the story and familiarizing myself with the designs.
I have a lot of design sketches of the main characters on my tumblr, if that sort of things interests you :)
The characters are: Lem (formally known as Kaa) a pilot for a crew of scavengers and Dryad an ancient cyborg from an empire long gone.
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Man, le design "final" des ses deux persos là sont vraiment geniaux. Jles adores.
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Merci! :D
J'ai des empêchements pour le moment mais j'ai bien hate de travailler sur ce projet!
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Awwwww... I liked the name Kaa...

Still, Lem fits pretty well too :)
Looks awesome!
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I liked Kaa too, but since there is a pretty well know character with this name already, I chose to avoid confusion :)
Ringshif7er's avatar
aaaaaah... that makes sense then :P
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I love the design of Dryad! and the details in the floor ..i'm gonna follow you on tumblr! 
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Thanks a lot! I spent quite some times on those designs so I'm really glad you like her :)
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Can't wait to see more!
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Really liking these designs.
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 Splendid work!Nod 
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Enorme !

Tu en avait pas déjà fait une illu avant ?
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Une avec 2 autres idées de BD. C'est elle que j'ai choisi pour commencer :)
RevealedFromtheVoy's avatar
Et bien tu as fait le bon choix o/
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J'ai hate de voir la suite! 
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J'y travaille! :D
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this is so freakin' cool man/woman/sentient plant thing!
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Talking about Dryad? She is a cyborg, or an augmented human :)
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this perspective is stunning
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Thanks, but it's really not that complex.
If I had the last sketchbook pro, it would even have been really easy with their perspective guidelines tool.
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Very cool. Have you thought of putting together a Patreon page?
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I won't for now. I have a full time job so I can't really work more on my comic at this moment. If it works well and people are interested and reading it, I'll start looking at Patreon, but it's not in my immediate plans :)
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