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The Thief of Tales 6-22

By zazB
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Page 194 (Chapter 6, Page 22)

…Pretty sure the wolf wonders if it’s edible


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moto-jahk-fwahHobbyist Artisan Crafter

wellllllll looks like part 3 is sold out right now but part 1-2 is available and I just bought it. will there ever be a part 3-4 to buy as one go?

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We made chapter 3 it's own book because it was as long as 1 and 2 combined. We usually make new printed versions for conventions but it doesn't seem like we'll be able to attend one soon... So we'll see for the next ones.

I would like to do one big book when the comic ends.

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She's going to have to crack open the book and show the text and illustrations on it to give the wolf and cardinal some context in understanding.

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Silly old wolf. Paper is just a door to the next story.

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And hope he gets what a door is! :D

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If a wolf's appetite is anything like a dog's, then by gum it's first thought will be "Eat?" and it's next thought will be "Then what's the point?":D

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I rather like Storm Crown's curiosity. (Herald might know more). I'm CERTAIN that Nev is going to copy the book! Perhaps the talk the night before made her realize that since that book is the only one of its sort, if she were to copy it and spread it out, then even if it was taken back, the tales would spread. ....Knowledge is power...

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An interesting theory! :D

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Wolf- "visible confusion".

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Oh, great, the wolf's going to eat her homework, isn't he?

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The perfect excuse!

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"I swear, it didn't know what paper was for and mistook it for food!"

"You call that an excuse?!"

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imge1608Hobbyist Digital Artist
He is gonna get there....
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OmarSzkarrHobbyist Digital Artist


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it's empty so you can write your own stories on it

big bad doggy: stareyes

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I love how Storm Crown always consults with the Herald. Probably has let him avoid a lot of trouble in the past.

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Yup! :D

It's a good thing to have a diplomatic bird-partner!

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moto-jahk-fwahHobbyist Artisan Crafter

its like the wolf knows there is wisdom in the experience of a creature that cannot devour any problem it faces :D

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