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The Thief of Tales 6-09

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Page 181 (Chapter 6, Page 9)

Yeah Nev, you’re a storyteller. Do your job! XD


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Battle of the Bards!

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TatjanadaSilvaHobbyist Photographer

I discovered this story yesterday and had to read it all at once! I just love the story and the art!

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Thank you!
We're glad you enjoyed our little webcomic! :D
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I wonder how Our Hero would fare in the Eurovision song contest ...

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Good question. Do you think they are eccentric enough to have a chance? Don't forget they don't have access to a saxophone.

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Hmmm ... a definite handicap, but not an insurmountable one; I suppose it all depends on whether the Forest of Tales would be happy to furnish a few special effects!:D

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MatheusDanzbergNew Deviant


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"Back in Cerulean, I trashed Misty's Bike"


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Crimson-Quill-086Hobbyist General Artist

Hahah, called it! Storm Crown's face is a confused puppy! Come on, Nev! More detail, more tidbits!

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I love how even Storm Crown is not just listening, but listening close enough to be confused by the 'not-a-backstory'

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I guess they didn't buy that.

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Not one bit! :D

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