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The Thief of Tales 4-22

By zazB
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Page 127 (Chapter 4, Page 22)

You tell him, Nevhna!


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In my imagination, Sir Thorns speaks with the voice of general Grievous. "These books will make a fine addition to my collection" *cough cough*
zazB's avatar
I think it definitely has the same type of metallic resonance to it! :D
Ooohh,you got ROASTEEED xD nice job :3
darkgoatt's avatar
Getting interesting
Silvre's avatar
Thatta girl! 
zazB's avatar
Thank you for supporting her! XD
Silvre's avatar
I love Nevhna, she’s such an original and awesome character. Thank you for sharing her with us!
zazB's avatar
She's not the most popular among the characters I have created (I'm not so sure why) so I'm really happy you enjoy her! :D
ShoobaQueen's avatar
HA! perfect insult!
zazB's avatar
She seems pleased with herself! :D
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So she's running from a royal paramour.
Ex-paramour, now.
Explains the quality of her clothes.
zazB's avatar
Some nice observations/deductions you got here :D
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 I'd have lead with "Go coronate themselves!" but admittedly Our Hero is doing far better than I would under such circumstances (my own tactics would have mostly revolved around a grovelling apology and possibly requests for a lift home).:) (Smile) 
zazB's avatar
Well groveling often works and a jail cell may be a more comfortable place than a swamp, so I'm not judging you! :)
Libra1010's avatar
 I'd make some remark about a gaol cell being a good deal drier than the average swamp, but that really depends on the gaolers and I think we all know that!:D (Big Grin) 
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I wonder if Sir Thorns is as strong as he looks - or even stronger! :D
zazB's avatar
Super Mysterious Knight Thorns! (would be a nice name for his own series)
qalinqori's avatar
kittensareforeating's avatar
She’s lucky the Prince ordered her to be alive. Now Sir. Thorns needs the book, which is near the murder moose.
zazB's avatar
The book is still in the bag, which is in his hands at the moment. (after that spontaneous meeting with his face)
kittensareforeating's avatar
Good point... to be honest I just want to see Muder Moose again.
Storm Crown too.
spikedpsycho's avatar
I'm imagining Sir Thorn begin voiced by Hector Elizondo or Richard McGonagle and Nevhna voiced by Chiara Zanni or Veronica Taylor
The Wolf by Brian Drummond
and the Bird by Frank Welker
Koru-Xypress's avatar
Way to keep it PG-13~ :D
zazB's avatar
We aim for all ages! :D
And also, this wood has been like a personal hell for Nevhna so that's why it's on her mind.
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