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The Big Adventure

By zazB
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A while ago I had a very fun discussion with some friends about our experiences with role-playing games. It made me remember how much fun and imaginative they can be, so I decided to draw this. (I only found what to do with the colors recently however).

So this is for everyone who has ever played a tabletop rpg. Especially you Amé, hoping one day you find the courage to tell your mother you're playing those games ;)

Brushpen on Bristol paper, colors in Photoshop.
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Can I get a higher resolution image of this? I'd like to use it as a portrait desktop on my second monitor!

kids have great imaginations

Bonjour M Bonnet,

je me permets de vous envoyer ce mail pour une demande particulière.

je fais parti d une association de jdr en France, la Seigneurie des 3 rivières (40280) qui va bientot feter ses 30 ans d existence.

La mairie ou nous avons le local (ville de plus de 10k d'habitants), organise chaque année un forum des associations en septembre.

Le conseil municipal a décidé de mettre à l'honneur notre association cette année, et le thème général du forum sera le jeu de role.

Nous cherchons à faire une petite plaquette pour décrire et définir le jeu de role pour des non initiés.

Je voudrai savoir si nous aurions pu utiliser le dessin que vous avez réalisé (the big adventure), nous sommes fan de cette illustration qui pour nous représente ce qu est une partie de jdr.

L'objet de l'association est de promouvoir le jdr sur notre secteur et en aucun cas cette image ne sera utilisé à d'autres fins, notamment commerciale.

En attente de votre réponse et en vous remerciant par avance.

Bonne journée


Olivier Nemery

ps : je suis désolé de redemander, je suis apssé par les notes, mais je ne comprends pas trop comment utiliser deviantart, n'étant ni deviant, ni artiste :) (Smile)
Hey man, I wrotte an RPG book that's a adapted version of the system Dungeon World, and I want to know if I can use your art for it's cover. The book is in portuguese and it will be freely distributed over a brazilian Dungeon World community on facebook.
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This is one of my favorite pieces, I wish I had one of my group that I could hang in my gaming room. We've been meeting for the last 10 years now and they are the greatest guys and gals you could know. This is awesome, you are a great artist, keep up the good work :)
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Thank you! I'm really happy to hear that. I made this a while ago but I still really like it because I can relate to it as well :)
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Really love this. If you ever decide to sell it as a shirt or poster, I would totally buy one (probably more than one). Wizard Hat, complete with Wizard Fire! Poof!
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Enough people have been asking me for this that I'm starting to think about it :)
I'll keep you posted!
I'd love to second that wholeheartedly - a print of this piece would be so perfect!
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Ah ! J'ai enfin trouvé cette superbe illustration ! (la seule fois où je l'avais vue, c'était un meme foireux en basse résolution quelque part paumé sur internet) Je l'appréciais particulièrement et je trouvais dommage de ne pas réussir à mettre la main dessus :P
Etant grand fan de jdr papiers, je ne peut que me retrouver dans cette image. Tant de bons souvenirs que tu me rappelle par son biais ! :3
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ouais j'ai eu pas mal de problèmes avec cette image, surtout à cause du dit meme. Ma signature était un peu trop subtile alors la seule façon de me retrouver (ou presque) est de coller l'image dans google image.
Bien content qu'elle t'aie plue et que tu en aies cherché la source! :)
Oh yeah... So many, many happy memories!
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You may not know this music : Fantaisie héroique by Juliette
But if you can found the lyrics then translate them you could apreciate it ^^ (it's french)
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Ça s'écoute bien et ça marche pas mal bien avec mon dessin, en effet! Merci! :)
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Je suis contente de l'apprendre ! ^^
Bonne continuation !
Wow! This is absolutely amazing. I've seen the art piece around the web too but with writing on it. The original is way better. My younger was the one that actually showed to me. He's an avid RPGer and plays with his group of friends almost every week. He's read many of the books on the different systems and really identifies with this art piece because he's usually the DM/GM. He asked me last year when he found it that he wanted this on a shirt. Well his 20th birthday is in a week and being the big brother, I want to continue to support his creativity and his amazing imagination and ability to create worlds and lore with ease. So, would it be okay with you if I made a shirt with this images on it for my brother? He would be so happy and probably wear it everywhere. Lol. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon. -Rick
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If it's only one shirt for your brother, I have no problem with it. But you must not sell or make any profit from it. As long as you respect that, everything's fine.
And happy birthday to your brother as well :)

Thanks for asking permission, by the way. The person who added text (on the version you found first) never asked and I'm not too glad about that.
Thank you! Yes, it'll only be for him and I doubt he'll ever sell it, but I'll make sure he doesn't. I was actually going to use the original instead. It looks way better. :) Would it be possible to get a higher-res version of the artwork for the shirt (that's what the company asked if I got your permission)?

Again, thank you. I really appreciate it!
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I can make you a higher resolution version. Send me a note with your email and I'll send it to you :)
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really nice atmosphere :D
the faces are really expressive ^^
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Thanks to vivid such memories ! in a such mastered manner.
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Thank you! :)
I've seen this floating around for a while. Brilliant! Glad I could find the origin and comment on how much I love this piece.
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