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Guild Wars Halloween part 2

Here is the submission I made for the Guild Wars halloween art contest.

Happy Halloween all!
(and don't forget, stealing candies is bad)

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LOL! Zerg on goddie bags
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Sokkasinstinct's avatar
lol this is great!! Awesome job!!
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This is awesome. :) Your style is really good and I can even ID all the monsters there. :P

Rebearcca's avatar
Thats sooo cool! I love this! xxx
Maniacofdoom's avatar
hahaha xD love it! so damn cute
Maridora's avatar
run, lil` derv, run!
bannafan's avatar
lol i can see why i dont log on guild wars on halloween O_o
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Nemesis-of-the-Gods's avatar
The Charr looks so CUTE!!
AngelKnight13's avatar
haha I love it! I just got addicted to this game too! I can easily tell some of those monsters, and some I'm sure I haven't gotten to. (Is that character a paragon)?
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If i remember correctly (it's been a while since I played) it was a monk, in Luxon armor :)
MrTuke's avatar
Heh, cute :)

Those guys must really hate people messing with their sweets.
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Featured in my newest journal!
Hope that's okay!
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hey wait why is mad king thorn angry? lol
i love this one ill make it my wallpaper every halloween
ToxicRedWater's avatar
cool xD i know all these monsters :D
JazylH's avatar
Everything about this pic is Awesome!
Celestialess's avatar
It's soooo cute!!!
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Nice work! Love the Charr... Heck... there all awesome!
mystiquedragoness's avatar
This is just too cute - love it! ^^
SlothxKuriKara's avatar
Hehe XD A ritualist fleeing with candy XD
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