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GW2 Guardian - Pekoe

Quick drawing of my Charr guardian, named (of course) after one of my cats :)
Drawn and inked on paper and colored digitally.
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MG5200 series
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Wow! I love all the blue! Super cute face too!
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I absolutely love this! I always want to pet charr, but I don't think they'd appreciate it much :> I love the movement in the tail!
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They are a pretty grumpy bunch indeed! :D
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AH! This is so great! I'd pay gold for one of my charr
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I love your work in art. This is what I ever wanted to do. And, by the way, I think, that a GW2 is the best game ever. :)
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Thank you!
Not sure it's the best game ever, but it's pretty fun and addictive :) What profession do you use the most?
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I have ranger, guardian, necromancer and thief. And I play most with first two of them. It's awesome thing, when I came home from school. It helps me keep calm, because our school makes people mad. :) And what's your favorite profession? :)
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Elementalist is what I play the most, I think it's my favourite. I play a lot of the warrior as well and recently this Charr guardian as well :)
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Great character!
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Sweet! Someday I hope my "good" art is as nice as your quick art. Love that coloring/lighting. ;)
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Gorgeous! Your drawings have fantastic style and energy. 
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This is beautiful!


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ooh Charr, i love charr :3.
I like the style and color you have, good job : D
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Charr are my favourite race in that game :)
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This is incredible. I love the design and the line dynamics! 
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esta genial 
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Its simple and nice
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Fantastic! I love her horns.
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