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Forever Alone

By zazB
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Dark Souls is the best fantasy and survival game I ever played. The ambiance and fighting gameplay are great and I love how the story is told.
I took some artistic liberties with the armor and, mostly, the shield.

Praise the Sun!

-Done like all my previous pics, with colerase, brushpen and photoshop.
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Lovely work, you captured the atmosphere of the game so well ... it's funny that you redesigned the shield because before the game was released there was a contest to submit shield designs that would eventually end up as in-game items ... you really should have joined that contest XD
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I learned about it too late, sadly. And even then as I live in the province of Québec, I can't participate to most online contests :(
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well, that one was an international contest, besides .. we still have Dark Souls 2 .. maybe they will make a similar contest for it XD
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If you notice, on most internationnal contests, there are rules of entry. More often than not, some territories can't enter or win anything in those contests. I often see Quebec... and Arizona I think. I heard it's related to the different gambling laws of those places.
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I see, that explains things, it's kinda strange (and somewhat unfair) but what do i know about international laws !!!
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Lol, you should redesign the shield!
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thank you for the beautiful memory....i sttod infront of this one in silent remembering alot of hours infront of my ps3
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Very, very cool!
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Awesome awesome awesome work.
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That guys is a prick. Good art piece though.
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Nice. Cool work. :D
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This is just fantastic, I'd buy a print of this!
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how did you learn to draw like this?
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It's just that I have been drawing for a long time and I also have a long list of other artists who inspire me :)
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dame. that's what every one keeps telling me when i ask them that question. also any tips on how to learn to draw?
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Probably what everyone will tell you as well: draw everyday. Create drawing exercises for yourself, where you will draw from references as often as you can (from life or photos). You can also try to copy the work of artists you admire, just to see how they interpret things.
It's all about hard work :)
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thanks. i was thinking of trying to redraw this picture if you don't mind.
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No problem :)
I don't know if I was clear on a thing though. The work you copy is for you only, it's not the kind of thing you post on the internet.
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thanks for that.
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nothing like going inside a dungeon with gleaming gold armor and red coats.
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Praise the SUNNNN!!!!!

And yes it is awesome.
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Praise the sun! also isn't the sword curved?
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This is gloriously incandescent! Or, rather, really damn good.

Praise the Sun!
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