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We just finished a lunchtime class on the use of Maya as a base for drawing perspective. This is what I drew at the end. I think it's pretty apparent that a 3D software was used for that illustration, but there's potential to make it more seamless, I know it :)

-3D blocky with Maya, paintover in photoshop-
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Nice design! Something new in steampunk - 1940s destroyers with wooden decks, side paddle wheels, and some blue plasma power source. Nod 
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I'm a big fan of battleships and dreadnoughts. Not sure the wooden decks were a good idea, but it was only for an illustration so I went with what was pretty :)
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pretty damn cool! very epic overall design!
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Nice. I personally don't care so much about the 3D use. It's just a tool. The end result is art. You did a nice job with the rendering. The structure you used isn't all that important in the end since it doesn't look like some cookie cutter image that was mathematically produced by a machine. I think it's only obvious to you.
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No problem with 3D being obvious or not; I would've thought this was a 2D illustration had you not said it wasn't.
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Oh nice stuff! The ships are pretty cool, but I really like those buildings. I like the design and the way they look like they're kind of built into the rocks. :)
so creative and well done birds eye view!
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Wow, this is very nice!! I'm curious -- can you show the 3D Maya base that you started with?
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I'll think about it. It's pretty rough and not very pretty hehe.
I'll try to sneak it in next time I update something.
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looks very nice 3D or not :)
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very nice, I wouldnt have known u used a 3d base having looked at it. but now that you have i only really notice it most on the long straight hull and the cyclinder shape on the biggest ship. they look almost perfectly straight and remind me a little of primitive polygon shapes in maya. but only slightly i love you painterly style over the 3d base uve done a great job. ps esp love the buildings in the clouds.
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You got it, it's exactly what I meant when I said I thought the 3d was transparent. However you made me realize it's because of the ellipses and the ships keel :)
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Very interesting combination, lots of possibilities there to make things a bit easier when doing large complicated layouts.
zazB's avatar
Drawing a cathedral or anything elliptic isn't so scary anymore :D
sykosan's avatar
Great outcome !
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Love this so much. :love:
"Bosun, what was that?"
"It was a house Captain sir."
"Oh, well give them our apologies man!"
"I can't sir."
"Why not?"
"The house came off the foundations and they fell off a cliff"
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Good thing is... they can't sue!
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More awesome designs. I'd still love to see a comic from you someday. :D
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Working on it :D (but no flying battleships in it)
KuraiKaze's avatar
Marine, possibly?
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