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05 and the plant

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Published: January 11, 2013
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I have drawn this character a few time in my sketchbook and in a couple of speedpaintings but it occured to me that I never uploaded any of it. I really need to practice my brushpen skills, so I made this.

I like the illustration but I'm not satisfied with the suit design, because it doesn't reflect what I wanted the character to be.
05 is supposed to be eternal and indestructible, while in this design, there are too many small pieces and exposed articulations. I'll try again sometime :)

Same as before, colerase, brushpen and photoshop.
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coyotepackHobbyist Digital Artist
Spiritual robots are always cool.
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hayliffe18Hobbyist Digital Artist
iron man as an old man confirmed 
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hannahelizabethhStudent General Artist
cool art :)
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SongCoyoteHobbyist Writer
I found this image several months ago, lost track of it, and finally found it again today. I LOVE IT!

This picture inspired a character I will be playing in a tabletop RPG in July: Voorik, the pacifistic phytophilous Mekhos! (In that world Mekhos are mechanical sophonts.) With your permission I'd like to print this out as a reference sheet for the character. Please let me know!

I found enough other wonderful images in your Gallery that you're very much worth watching, too :D Thanks for sharing your art, and have a wonderful day and more!

Light and laughter,
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Thank you!
I have no problem with you using that image for your character, as long as it remains for your use only! :)
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SongCoyoteHobbyist Writer
Definitely for my use only as a visual aid during roleplaying :D

Oh, this is going to be so fun! Thank you so much!

Light and laughter,
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BalronHobbyist Artist
Is that a suit or a robot?  It reminds me of an anime I recently watched called "Dragon's Heaven."  It's not a great anime, but all the robots are based on designs that the studio which produced the film actually hand made. Some wear clothes and capes.  :3  It's almost got the art style of the creators of the old Ultima Manga's if you are familiar with those. 
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It's a bit of both actually, a bit like the mec suits from Xcom Enemy Within. What I don't want to tell though is how much of a human is left inside :)
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You mean a modern version of a Big Daddy (From bioschock)
p-rebar's avatar
Nice! Sorta reminds me of the Tech Priests of Mars, though a lot more cuddly
zazB's avatar
True! and a love for plants instead of a fascination for machines :)
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ZarkpuddHobbyist Digital Artist
Aw yeah! Robuts 'n nature!
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Emerson-FialhoProfessional Artist
Spetacular work!
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anyway, it's an awsome design
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Lanc3rZ3r0Hobbyist General Artist
i really like the bulky mechanical design coupled with the idea of a hood/shroud on the back which lends a feeling of perhaps piety or spiritual presence, further accented by the cherishing the plant. the weight of the high-tech juxtaposed against the idea of spirit or anima is great.

I also really, really like teh color choices
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Thank you! :)
I think the idea I had behind the cloak was to give the character something to hide it's features behind. Also to make people feel like there is someone under the mechanical suit, that it's not just a robot.
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Very cool. Very original.
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YanickPaquetteProfessional Traditional Artist
really cool. Bravo.
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b1kHobbyist Filmographer
AWW that's just awesome! So original and creative!
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Alexi-CProfessional Filmographer
Cool design
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CronossraHobbyist Digital Artist
I love it :) a buddhist Robot :)
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4listairHobbyist Digital Artist
I find this adorable.
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K0lossusHobbyist Digital Artist
Waouw love your style !

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HCEleonoraProfessional General Artist
very futuristic :)
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