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Chapter9 by Zazawa

We started by addressing a little about the origins of the ancestors of Dahiki, distributed in two parts, the first in this chapter and the second in a few chapters later.

Do not miss the adventures of Dahiki and his occurrences to make life impossible for his guardian.
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Chapter8 by Zazawa
Hello everyone, starting an exciting chapter of Dahiki Sho, 10 years have passed since little Dahiki lost his grandfather, and sent to the depths (without knowing how) to his Guardian.

A new adventure begins, with new friends and enemies.
If you want to know more about Dahiki Sho, I invite you to visit me in TAPAS ;) 

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Hello everyone!!
I share some blog pics of each chapter of my online comic Dahiki Sho and announce that it is now also available in Tapas. If you like the themes of fantasy, action and adventure, then Dahiki Sho is for you, I invite you to take a look.

Hello everyone and especially Happy 2018, beginning with all the forces of the world to resume the continuation of Dahiki Sho now with his chapter 6.

If you want to read my comic, I invite you to visit my official site Dahiki Sho and my Youtube site Videos , subscribe and comment :)

Dahiki Sho for Christmas Holidays. Hello everyone!!
I notify you that I will take the next week off (if of course, it is when I will work more for the stock of January XD) For reasons of Christmas, but not without first thanking those few people who follow me to this day and who They take a little of their time to see my pages, for that reason I invite you to be encouraged to share your comments.

I wish you with all my heart some very happy and beautiful holidays with all your loved ones and a great, successful and a prosperous year 2018 in all your projects.

Greetings and a big hug

PS: see you in January without fail with chapter 6! ;)

Hello everyone!
Again I bring you one more chapter of Dahiki Sho, almost 5 months since this adventure began, where now our protagonist makes an appearance (it's about time, XP) ignoring everything that awaits him ahead.

Greets and a hug.

Hello everyone! here I give you the new chapter of my comic online Dahiki Sho, in this delivery Yayaku enters again on the scene to make his own and change a little things to his way of seeing, especially to make the situation a little more entertaining and complex for others. (as if they no longer had enough).

I invite you to leave your comments and opinions in me web site 
as it gives me strength to continue.

A greeting and a hug.
Gracias by Zazawa

Hello everyone, first of all I apologize for my lack of activity inside deviantart since my Dahiki Sho comic absorbs almost all my free time, but does not mean that I abandon you, from time to time I will upload some drawings and sketches on the progress of the same.

I invite you to read my comic online in
A greeting and a hug.

Ya están las nuevas páginas de Dahiki Sho de la semana, continuando en su capítulo 3!

Hello everyone! Again giving a look by deviantart to upload new material (not to mention scribbles) this time I will share some random pages of my online comic Dahiki Sho. if you want to see more comic pages to this day, you can visit my official website at where new content is added every week.

A greeting and a hug!

pd: sorry for my bad english XP
Seguimos con Dahiki Sho llegando a la mitad del capítulo 2 ;)

Continuing with the saga of Dahiki sho, we begin with chapter 2 where Kannon must play his life not trusting completely in Yayaku.
What will happen to Desla, the city of Taeshia and especially with Dahiki?
Agarrando vuelo para terminar la colección del mes de Septiembre, agregando un poco de color a los dibujos y no agregar sólo bocetos, hay que pintarse de color y alegría ;)
Para mantener la mente ocupada un rato y no ponerme a ver la televisión, porque con 5 minutos que me distraiga, se me va el día.
Preparando todo para lanzar mi primer web comic!
Mucho trabajo pero que gratificante es ver tus propios resultados. :3
Buscando mis primeros garabatos de hace 10 años atras XP.