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A donation, every month one member gets a membership but the membership gets bigger every month


I wanted to give something back to the community after all the support I have gotten over the past 2 years.
So I came up with this idea


Its simple, like this,
:bulletblue:January, 1 month premium membership = 396 points
:bulletblue:Febuary, 2 month premium membership=792 points
:bulletblue:March, 3 month premium membership =636 points
:bulletblue:April, 4 month premium membership = 1032 points
:bulletblue:May, 5 month premium membership =1428 points,
:bulletblue:June, 6 month premium membership =  1272 points
:bulletblue:July, 7 month premium membership = 1668 points
:bulletblue:August, 8 month premium membership = 2064 points
:bulletblue:September, 9 month premium membership =1908 points
:bulletblue:October, 10 month premium membership = 2304 points
:bulletblue:November, 11 month premium membership= 2700 points
:bulletblue:December, 12 month premium membership=2396 points

So the total points to raise is: 18,956 points

Why are the points all different numbers for each month

Because to get a 7 month membership, you would need to give two 3 month memberships and a one month membership. Memberships only come in either 1,3 or 12 months meaning its not exactly easy to give a 11 month membership or a 5 month or a 8 month.

But I am doing this in honour of 2012 as well.

Why should I help you

I cannot afford to do this all by myself but I really want to give something back, so please donate all you can, even a point will help.

Could I suggest someone for the membership?

Sure you can suggest someone for the membership by note.
But you can only suggest someone if you donate even if its just a point and you cannot suggest yourself.

When are the memberships handed out?

The memberships will be handed out on the last day of each month and the people who recieved them will be featured in a journal

Will I get anything if I donate?

all donators will have their icon listed on the donation pool and a feature in a thank you journal for the month they would have raised for.

Ok, where should I donate?

To donate simply go to Nobodys page and click "Donate" on the donation pool, or just go to the "Give" drop-down
menu at the top-right of the page and select "Give Points."
All donator big or small will get a feature and their icon listed.

I can't donate what can I do instead?

You could fave this, you could put word out about this. Anything really
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I am sorry for saying that, I faved this.