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Oranchelo icons v0.7.6.5

Oranchelo is a package of icons created with the design techniques "flat" and "Flat Long Shadow". .
We use as base the package "super-flat-remix", also we are inspired by " Cornie icons " of Patryk Goworowski.

some icons are also extracted from the pack Plateau by sbstnblnd
The icon firefox is a replica of the one that includes the icon pack retrorika for android by sikebo

if you want to contribute I can visit us at facebook group "xfce-art"
where did this project today we offer

contributors of Oranchelo-Team in facebook
Miguel Delgado Hdez. (It provides support to rpm packages, git and ppa)
Duvan Felipe Suarez (graphic designer)
Francisco Javier Ospina Salazar (It provides support to aur for arch-linux)

download here


v0.7.6.5 (18/03/2018)

todos los íconos del disco duro, unidad óptica, unidades de medios extraíbles usb, cdrom, dvd, etc. han sido cambiados. 
Además, se ha resuelto el problema de los íconos de carpeta que causaban que pesaran demasiado.

Nuevos íconos:

  • PacketTracer
  • deepin-cloud-print-configurator
  • rubiripper
  • preferences-system-parental-controls
  • gksu-terminal
  • psensor
  • gnome-disk
  • gparted
  • simple nota

Iconos rediseñados:

  • gtk-recordmydesktop
  • avience / acroread / etc.

nuevos enlaces simbólicos:

  • org.gnome.Calendar vinculado a gnome-calendar
  • org.gnome.Contactos vinculados a gnome-contacts

v0.7.6.4 (14/03/2018)

correcciones en algunos iconos

Nuevos íconos:

  • waterfox

v0.7.6.3 (13/03/2018)

Se ha agregado una gran cantidad de íconos nuevos y exclusivos para deepin, aunque todavía hay algunos que se agregarán en las siguientes actualizaciones. Dentro de los iconos rediseñados, destaco aquellos de la oficina wps, estos han cambiado completamente para ofrecer una mayor integración con el resto de los iconos. 
gnome-screenshot también sufre un cambio radical y con todos los enlaces simbólicos que lo conducen, dentro de ellos el deep-screenshot recientemente agregado

Nuevos íconos:

  • deepin-image-viewer (flatpak).
  • deepin-movies (flatpak y paquete común).
  • deepin-music (flatpak).
  • deepin-deb-installer.
  • deepin-font-installer.
  • reparación profunda
  • deepin-clone.
  • deepin-screen-recorder (flatpak).
  • deepin-system-monitor.
  • chmsee.
  • deepin-cloud-scan-configurator.
  • deepin-feedback.

iconos rediseñados:

  • usb-creador (solo cambio de color).
  • wps-word.
  • wps-calc.
  • wps-pres.
  • Grabadora de audio.
  • gnome-captura de pantalla.
  • Shotwell (solo cambio de color).
  • deepin-appstore (solo cambio de color).

nuevos enlaces simbólicos:

  • deepin-boot-maker vinculado al usb-creador.
  • grabadora de voz profunda (flatpak) vinculada a un grabador de audio.
  • deepin-Screenshot (flatpak) vinculado a gnome-screenshot.
  • deepin-calendar (flatpak) vinculado al calendario
  • org.gnome.Lollypop vinculado a Lollypop
  • deepin-launcher vinculado a slingcold

v0.7.6 (02/03/2018)

New icons:

  • eagle
  • code/visual-studio-code
  • webstorm
  • blockfy
  • messengerfordesktop
  • valama
  • supertux
  • openra
  • spyder/spyder3

Redesigned icons:

  • spotify

download here
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endyw's avatar

this is great icons thanks

PumpurOriginal's avatar
Love your your icons, you made my desktops look nice and clean
golokax's avatar
very nice job
I'm using it on my ubuntu 18.04, with the BEKA option
my congratulations, I send a greeting from Buenos Aires
Mixterix-Se7en's avatar
How to use in Windows?
it is only for linux desktop
Mixterix-Se7en's avatar
How to use in windows
Bharat97's avatar
Awesome Icons!

Just a small Suggestion, for the notifications icons , can you make them dark.

I have  a problem with elementary os 0.4. 
The notification icons don't appear.
I have noticed that when you use an Ethernet conection the top icon is the same than for the WiFi. Bug?

Anyway, please consider to include Mathematica and TeXStudio icons to your fabulous icon set. My new favourite!

lrcaballero's avatar
Great Job! I love it....

Thank you very much for sharing!
chipmunkboogie's avatar
Nice icons...

Any chance on adding google keep?
I will add in the next version
sbstnblnd's avatar
Hey I've downloaded your Icon set, it looks amazing! I noticed you use some of my Plateau icons too (modified), I'd be glad if you add me to the credits. Thanks! keep up the good work
ok, Show me only the names of the icons friend.
sbstnblnd's avatar

As far as I've noticed, the following are my designs, some of them are slightly modified:

gnome web browser

It's great to be included in this amazing icon set.
Thank you for answering.

OK friend, though some of these icons already have been changed anyhow I have added a mention in the description
After updating to version 3.20 GTK was broken Your themes
I can provide a screenshot
I can provide a screenshot
Distribution creator writes:

Pamac uses gtk3. Your theme doesn't support version 3.20. Please use another one which supports it.
captainofmysheep's avatar
Oh shucks, the link doesn't work :( Can you reupload zayronXIO
The link works fine friend , try again
arktika13's avatar
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