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Rarity in Jeans

По мотивам серии "Simple Ways". Наряд Рарити-деревенщины натолкнул на идею такого рекламного постера, аля Levi's :)
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This looks really cute nicely drawn well done smiles
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Hah, nice parody! :)
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Ha ha! I remember those ads!
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What's so good about this? what's so good about turning feminist characters into sex objects for Bronies?  
It's naive of you to think that there's a line that won't be crossed in the portrayal of the characters. Believe me, it's all been done. And it shouldn't bother you.
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It should bother me because I don't want misogynistic horsefuckers betraying characters that are suppose to embrace femininity amongst young girls, being stripped down from that title, and being turned to sexual objects amongst Bronies!
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Welcome to the internet friend! 
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Exactly. I tell this to everyone: it's not just a brony thing. Almost EVERY fandom has a dirty side. Pokemon isn't safe, Sailor Moon definitely isn't safe, and even Disney isn't safe.
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Dayum! I mean wet mane ponies are hot and all, but with jeans... O_o
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Ponies in jeans needs to be a thing MMMM Heart 
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