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Demyx hair tutorial

By zaxie
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Hey guys~! I come bringing a tutorial :D

People always seem to ask me how I style my hair and now you'll all learn my secrets! XD

Hope this helps out some of you Demyx cosplayers :3

Download for full view :D
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I'm cosplaying him, thank you in advance! :3
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Thanks for the tutorial! :meow: I did this, and it's perfect! <'333
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I love to have this haircut! --Though I like my hair in front of my face XD
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That's brilliant! Thank you so, so much! :D
Now, the only problem here is to cut my oh-so-long hair, and successfully convince my parents to let me style it this way~
Or, college-hair for me :)
Reguardless, thank you for the tutorial! It looks amazing, really realistic!
If I saw you cosplaying, I, too, would ask for a photo ^^;
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Haha, I might need a haircut, but this'd prolly be a fun style to try. Plus Demyx is in my top four fav Org members along with Saix, Marly, and Zexy.
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and continuing that last comment, I'm not sure how well it will work with my hair though.. and what my dad would think of it. My mom is fine with it
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I'm going to try to get this style. looks so cool
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my hair is naturally blondish, and now im not aloud to dye my hair black so its gonna be back to the darkblond color again, so i might do this when my hair grows out, (really really short boy cut right now)
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I love you :hug:

Explanation: I recently got my hair cut in a similar style and did not know how to go about styling it.
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Glad I helped!
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writing's too small to read for some reason. the pics helped though!
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If you click the download link, it's much bigger.
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ooooh! thank you!
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Thanks this was helpful ^^
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I can cut and style wigs no problem, but am more than a little hesitant to go at my own head with a pair of scissors... and I can't ask my hairdresser to do it because he refuses to give me a 'mullet' on the basis that it's tragic.

I wouldn't trust a strange hairdresser to to completely screw up my hair (as has happened before) so do you have any tips at all on cutting your own hair?
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Not really... All I can say is when I cut my hair, I'd use straight scissors to cut it to about the right length and texturizing scissors to go over it all so it didn't look so chopped. Just start slow and don't cut too much off, work gradually at it. You can always cut more off - you can't get it back right away if you trim too much.

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=u= Thank you~

*picks up scissors and sits in front of mirror*
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YAY!! thank you! i have been looking for a tutorial for mullets :D thank you so much now i can finally begin cosplaying as demy :DDD
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YAYS now i can cosplay as DEMY!!! thnx! YAYS, now, where 2 find the robe... hmmm... *wonders off*
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holy fudge! this is amazing! this is probably the best demyx style i've seen yet (probably because you used your real hair). thanks for the tutorial!
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so awesome, and real! thanks man!
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