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Momo from My Hero Academia - Marker Art

ENG/FR : Momo Yaoyorozu from MHA, in colors this time, with markers ! :) / Momo Yaoyorozu de MHA, en couleurs cette fois, aux feutres !
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So. Freakin. CLEAN!

Fantastic linework here. That alone makes this a great artwork. The hair, the chest,the face, I mean, with this clean linework, I really hope to see more attention given to this piece. You are awesome!

The coloring is bold too. The time and attention given to placing and drawing the spiral hair bun just right makes this an even more brilliant piece. Great work using a traditional media to create a fanart!

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Wow thank you very much for your great comment! I'm glad you like it. I'm still beginning on Deviant Art and I'm not used to it, but your message is motivating me! :)

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You're welcome! Welcome to the DA community and I'm glad my comment motivated you. IN turn, your clean lines motivate me to do artwork. Well done once again!