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Citras Dancing

By zaush
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Above is an old illustration of two very flamboyant citras performing a ceremonial dance. :3

Citras, an intellectual creation of mine, are a race of biologically engineered creatures, created to discover genetic traits linked to homosexuality. Scientists scrapped the project, due to a lack of funding, and attempted to exterminate the creatures for the sake of ecological harmony. The citras escaped the facility, and since then, hunting or killing them had been outlawed. The citras are useful in providing entertainment to nearby civilized units, and are paid in physical resources.

90% of the population consists of homosexual males, but the rest live in small breeding tribes to sustain the population. These straight flavors have notable physical differences from the citras, and are known as citrus. Earlier renditions of mine have traditionally been of the citrus'.
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Awesome! I love it x3
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I had an idea like this for a culture in my world, ribbon dancers.
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I wish you would post more citras they're just so freakin adorable.
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They are cute :love: And you can see how much fun they have dancing ^_____^

I love your Citras :heart: Faved!
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Mmmm, nice story, you should make a book.
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I have to say, these are some of the most adorable furries I have ever seen, not to mention that this piece in particular is VERY nice. I love it!
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nice work zaush in secondlife i was long time a Dark citra see my Ava here.

Or watch it here: [link]
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there so cute! Your art is so good!
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I mean no offense, but a species that is 95% male really does not stand a chance to replace itself unless the litter size is at least 20 pups...

1 kid is a handful, 2 is asking for trouble... 20+ would have to be divine punishment for opening a Kitten Cannery in the western hemisphere.

Of course, I may be overthinking this... If that's the case, I am sorry.
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I cannot believe you didn't get many comments on this freakishly amazing thing! This explodes with glory! It is such an orchestra! i cannot believe my eyes! The poses are amazing, the energy is put to an extrordinary level!! Wow! I love this! Watch and fave! this reminds me of a classical song... i don't know it's name....but i know every one has heard it before..
So classical! Amazing!
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JazzLizardProfessional Digital Artist
Awww, adorable!
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cybreHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love the motion of this piece. It reminds me very much of one of my favorite pieces of yours on Yerf. Great character designs too! :D
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CoeurlreginaHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice poses and interesting story.
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