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Love life more than you fear it
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Happy Death Day Killer Cosplay


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Happy Death Day Killer Cosplay


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Hello, We are The Doctors!

Doctor Who Cosplays

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My New Black Mask Suit!

Batman Cosplays

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And drown in flame the mountains of man

Bioshock Cosplays

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Steampunk Officer 2

Steampunk Cosplays

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Dead Light District photo 6

Apocalyptic Cosplays

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Let's put a cap in this b*tch

Photoshop Work

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Proud and oh so happy c:

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They say a child's brains is the most influential and therefore easily filled with the riches of imagination, fantasy and knowledge. If you ignored these factors in your childhood due to common excuses like "This and that is childish" or "People will think I'm a retard if I do this and that", you are most likely to grow up with society driven factors such as.. well.. basically everything that's considered cool or popular at the time, like sex, beer, women, certain brands of clothing etc. I was bullied many, many times in my childhood, but I am so happy I developed such a broad area on imagination, fantasy and knowledge. I do not fear being

Thinking Out Loud

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We're done when I say we're done...

Everything Else

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Arkham Portals

Firstlook 2013

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Voorproefje Black Mask

Animecon 2014

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Cosplay Preview: The Psycho

Until Dawn Cosplay

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Payday Cosplay

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My Sith Acolyte Cosplay (v1) 1

Sith Acolyte Cosplay

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Bobjenz - Bale Out Gif small


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